Femi Branch Reacts to Eviction Rumours

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It is unfortunate that some people who lack intellect, pedigree and even the common comprehension or application of simple grammatical nuances would wake up one day and decide that the best way to advance themselves, is to rubbish a name they have no inkling as to its evolution! An irritating upstart came up with a story that I am facing eviction from my house. And dat am struggling to return to Nollywood, ordinarily I wouldn’t dignify this kind of blabber with a response but seeing it is going viral and my friends, family, fans and well-wishers,have been urging me to react, I thereby have to do this. I have no idea what this simpleton is talking about. The clown even claimed I was a former Glo Ambassador, that goes to show the level of research that went into his story and its attendant ‘credibility’. Credible journalists who have interviewed me in recent times will note that he plagiarised some of their articles by stealing comments I made there and claiming I said them in response to his story. The clown,  has unwittingly shot himself in the foot and he will soon hear from my Lawyers. The time when so-called Journalists or self-styled Bloggers will mess the good and hard-earned names of hard-working professionals whose only crime is that their job puts them in the limelight is over. Others will learn from him when the Law takes its course. May God continue to bless my wonderful Fans who saw this rubbish for what it is and have refused to be deceived and sent on a fool’s errand of spreading falsity. God bless. FEMI BRANCH.

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