Fepaci Sec Gen Fidelis Duker Unveils PLANS for African filmmakers

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History was made Today as Nollywood witness the inauguration of FEPACI, a continental body for all film makers in Africa, Incidentally its presence in Nigeria since inception in 1969 was not pronounced as only few people had the knowledge of it but it has been opened up to all Nigerian film makers.

According to FEPACI Secretary General, west region 1, Fidelis Duker  “It’s an advocacy platform, where information on how to develop the film sector in Nigeria, West Africa and Africa. It’s also an avenue where film makers can have a co-production, also there is a film fund where they can access funding and a platform where there is exchange of distribution. All these are what will benefit film makers, anything they want to do regards their film business they are guaranteed through FEPACI”

The re-birth of this organization had in attendance Actors, Producers and heads of various organizations and bodies in nollywood present and in full support of this FEPACI, as issues on how a smooth run of this organization was thourghly deliberated upon.

Pictures Tommorrow

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