Why desperate actresses fall victim to randy men —Kemi Afolabi

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Kemi Afolabi Adesipe,  popularly called Kemi Alagbara a graduate of Law from the University of Lagos, is an actress and a movie ambassador. In this interview with TAYO GESINDE, the pretty mother of one, whose husband lives in the United Kingdom, speaks on her marriage, acting career and fashion preferences. Excerpts:

Growing up
Growing up was fun because I had parents who believed in giving quality education to their children. We were not rich, we were an average family but my parents still did their best by sending us to the best schools in town. I am the first born of my family, so I was pampered mostly by my mum and that is why my  mum remained my best friend till I met my husband. But I still run to her for advice when distressed.  I was however kind of scared of my dad as a kid.

Being a girl and the first, I did most of the chores in the house. I remember my dad trying to teach me how to wash a car but I told him only boys know how to wash cars. I attended Tunwase Nursery and Primary School, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja. Then proceeded to A-Z International Secondary School, Ajao Estate Isolo. I had to retake some papers at Our Lady of Apostles, Yaba. I studied Law at the University of Lagos.

Foray into acting
As a child, I used to say that, ‘I want to be a lawyer,’ whenever I was asked what I wanted to become in the future. I was given admission into the Unilag to study English. I was in the English Department for a session but still went back to rewrite jamb to get required cut off mark for Law. Eventually, I was admitted into the Faculty of Law to study Law and I was very happy.  I joined the industry through this great director, Oladele Abiodun Matti, who thought I had all it takes to be an actress.  I still remember vividly how he convinced me then but it is a different story today. I love my job passionately. I joined the industry in 2004, after I wrote my final papers in law. Alagbara is the title of the movie that brought me to limelight.  It was produced by Oladele Matti Esq. The movie was widely accepted, so, people dropped my surname and started calling me Kemi Alagbara.

Marriage to a man outside the shores of Nigeria
I took a break from acting in 2008 when I got married and moved to the United Kingdom (UK) to stay with my husband and build my home. We have been coping fine because we get to see every other time. Our marriage is blessed with a beautiful girl. She is four years.

Philosophy of life
Don’t attach so much importance to life because it is vanity.

Description of self
I am a very emotional person, I take pity on the less-privileged so much and try to help in every little way I could without making noise about it. I am very open. I trust easily and I am a very friendly person. I am real, I am me.

Definition of style
Simplicity and comfort.  I don’t follow trends. Occasions or the function I am attending usually determines my mode of dressing. Casuals does it for me

Beauty regimen
Not much, I moisturise my skin daily and I make sure that my hair and nails are well kept. I don’t dig make-up and accessories, I only use them when I am on set. I use Clarins product for both my skin and face. I break out a lot but the product has been of help since I discovered it.

Favourite perfume
My cologne is always intact. I love male perfumes because they come on stronger. I buy any male perfume that smells nice but the one I am using at present is “the one “by Dolce & Gabbana

Favourite designers
I am not a designer-freak I rock whatever catches my fancy.

My shoes and bags
I go for anyone that looks good on me. To be serious, I have never thought of counting the number of shoes and bags that I have but I can tell you that they are not much.

Favourite colours
I rock any bright colour, I don’t really have any favourite among them.

I buy any nice accessories I see. My shoes and bags can be made in Italy, US or UK, I don’t have a preference. I will buy my accessories from anywhere as long as they are beautiful. I wear jewellery too when necessary.

Accessory I can’t do without
Wrist watches.

Most expensive item in my wardrobe
I don’t do expensive things.

What I won’t be caught dead wearing
Bikini. When I want to swim, I wear bum shorts and vest tops or swimsuit.

Special treat
I am not religious about anything but I do go for facials and massage whenever time permits.

Opinion on toning
it is necessary to tone the skin and that is why beauticians preach it as part of any beauty routine.

On provocative dressing
I am of the school of thought that says dress the way you want to be addressed. I believe what you keep away from prying eyes have more value.

What I like to change about myself
My attitude of using abusive words to tease or show displeasure to my staff.

On cosmetic surgery
I am beautifully made and would never do anything to utter it.

My hair and nails
I love weaves and I pamper my natural nails. I don’t do artificial nails.

Secret of beauty
I think it is happiness from within.

Keeping fit
I only watch what I eat whenever I feel I am getting out of shape.

Greatest asset
Hmn! That will be my bum.

Pains and gains of being a celebrity
let me start with the gains. It feels good to be celebrated and appreciated wherever you go, to be given preferential treatment wherever you go. One sometimes has access to places you might ordinarily not be able to go. Fame opens doors for us. The pains for me will be not having opportunity to explain certain issues to your fans out there, personally. There is also bad press from journalists who never check with you before making libelous statements about you. Also, the fact that one needs to act in certain ways in public because so much is expected of one is a burden on us. Most people tend to forget that we are also human.

Lesbianism in Nollywood
The truth is that I hear the rumours just like you but no one has ever approached me for such.

Sex for roles
That happens to those who ask for it. If you are desperate to be an actress, you will surely fall into bad hands that are ready to take advantage of your weakness.

Coping with male admirers
I tell them off politely.

 My own movie productions
I just did the fourth one in December, 2013 and it is an epic film titled Ajantala. The first three are; Oju Apatemi, Ajiloda and Rihannat. They all have their uniqueness and strong messages from which the viewers will learn one or two lessons. They are highly educating and entertaining movies which were shot with the best of equipment which don’t usually come cheap.

Acting roles
I can’t act nude.

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    my namesake I really love u especially that your soft voice u are my role model,my regards to your little pretty princess darasimi

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    my namesake I really love u especially that your soft voice u are my role model,my regards to your little pretty princess darasimi

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    my namesake I really love u especially that your soft voice u are my role model,my regards to your little pretty princess darasimi

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