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Olukayode Salako on his first wedding anniversary to Foluke Daramola-Salako:It is obvious that a lot of Nigerians would have been expecting that my marriage to Foluke Daramola wouldn’t have survived till today, because many have thought it is orchestrated on deceit, falsehood or mere fantasy. Well, I have always said it that this is all about God and our destiny, because if I am not convinced enough at all, it wouldn’t have been necessary getting this deeply and publicly involved with Foluke in the whole controversy. But I thank God for proving Himself, because that is the best this relationship shall continue to deserve from Him. And to our critics, I am a christian of Baptist faith and I grew up to know that men and women can marry and re-marry. There is no sin in it, because my bible tells me there is no marriage in heaven. It has not been said anywhere in the bible that marriage is a criteria to make heaven. This is never God’s standard, it is purely the standard set by man. As a student of the bible, I have more than 20 proofs in the bible to justify the fact that marriage is never a criteria to make heaven. The book of Johh chapter 4 is a typical example. Jesus never condemed the the Samaritan woman for having married and lived with four husbands, rather He encouraged her to still be expecting her own real husband. As far as I am concerned, I am okay before my God and only Him alone has the power to condemn and judge. It is in the bible, let no man judge any man, because we are all pencils in the Hand of our creator. I have lived with Foluke for one complete year and I am happy to say she is an ideal woman; a pefect definition of all I want in a woman and the best that has happened to me…Thank you all for your love and wishes on our special day, this day, February 15, 2014. Happy birthday to my darling angel Foluke Omolola.’ Being an extract of an address released to a section of the press on Saturday.

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