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Handsome actor and producer, Saheed Balogun , has one dark secret that he’s been hiding from his teeming fans, It is now revealed. The Oro, Kwara State born role interpreter deflowered, impregnated and abandoned the mother of his fist child! And with all the bitterness she could muster, the lady, Sherifat Yusuf, placed a curse on him.

A source who is very close to the distraught and devastated lady told us that ‘until Saheed goes go to her to plead for forgiveness, he will continue to have issues with his marriage. The hell he went through in his last marriage is only the beginning. He will go through more in hands of any other woman he decided to replace Fathia with. The only way out is for him to go and beg Sherifat and his daughter and first child Zainat, whom he abandoned almost 15 years ago’.

Expatiating on Saheed’s love quagmire, the source informed YES International! That: “the sad story dates back over a decade. As a matter of fact, the fruit of the union (Zainat) should be about 13 years or so now. Sherifat was only 22 when they met. She was so innocent and naïve. Saheed was older and living with his uncle at the time in Ebute Metta, Lagos. He was Sheri’s first love and also the person that deflowered her. Sheri became pregnant along the line and later had a baby girl. Because Shaeed was barley managing to survive then, during the child’s naming ceremony, he contributed nothing. Sheri’s parents (Alhaji and Alhaja Yusuf) who also love and treat him like a son bore the entire expenses. Including the #5000 hospital bill. This was in 1998.“The same Alhaji and Sheri’s uncle, Bode Yusuf, sponsored Saheed’s first movie.

“The most painful thing is that there was a prophesy then that Zainat’s coming will cause Saheed to experience a reversal of fortune and also make his name to be known all over the world. The prophesy, of course, came to pass; only that the two people through whom it came have not enjoyed anything from it. Guess what? Saheed saw that baby last when she was 2 years old. And he spoke to the child’s mother last about 10 years ago. The lady had called him then to ask for the child’s #20,000 school fees, which he claimed he didn’t have”. Beside Alhaji and Alhaja Yusuf who were shocked by Saheed’s neglect of their daughter and his child, the actor’s mother, Mrs. Sariyu Balogun and sister, Idiat, were also said to be sympathetic to Sheri’s cause until they too change. But like our sources stated again: “Saheed is owing Sheri, and whether or not he likes it, he must beg her for forgiveness otherwise what he’s going through in the hands of women will continue”.

Sheri, meanwhile, has finally moved on with her life. She’s in love with another man now. “Even though it wasn’t easy for her to do that”.


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  1. Haba!

    February 18, 2014 at 10:56 AM

    This is just a rubbish write up. Bad diction. Too much typos. Is this what Yes Magazine writes and BON shares?

    All lies against the innocent actor. Just because he is not in your good books or settle you?

    You claim that saidi saw the child last when she was 2yrs old. How come the same girl has featured in more than 3 saidi movies? Didn’t you see her as the child star in “Eti Keta” and co?

    Sources close to saidi can confirm that she is infact like Saidi’s favorite child even though he loves all his kids like crazy. He brings all of them to location set most times.

    Why are you deliberately cooking up stories against Saidi?


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