Pa Kasunmu is getting better

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After a challenging bout with biventricular heart failure, an ailment that seriously affected his heart and lungs, seasoned Nigerian actor, Kayode Odumosu,  popularly called Pa. Kasumu, has considerably regained his health.


His son, Tunde, confirmed this in a chat with our correspondent on Monday. According to him, his father has practically recovered and he is back to his old self.


He says, “Although he will still be flown abroad for treatment on his knee cap (arthritis related), he can now see better and he is physically fit.


“In fact, his physiotherapist has certified that he can now be left to go out on his own without any assistance or monitoring.


“He can also move around on his own. He is a lot better, compared to the time he was bed-ridden.”


The actor, who turned 60 and celebrated the 45th anniversary of his acting career last year, fell ill after suffering partial stroke in 2009. He had to undergo several tests and was also forced to take several expensive medications, which set him back financially.


This burden was further compounded by the fact that he had no house of his own and still lived in a multi-tenanted  apartment, commonly called ‘face-me-I-face-you,’ in densely populated Mushin area of Lagos State.


Thankfully, that was in the past as his family members have just acquired an apartment for him to begin a new lease of life.


Information contained in a statement issued by Mrs. Idowu Olajide, a member of the family and the coordinator of an appeal fund launched for Odumosu, shows that the team recorded the biggest donations from the Lagos and Ogun State governors,  Babatunde Fashola and Ibikunle Amosun, respectively.’


The statement partly reads, “A total sum of N6.1m was raised through direct lodgments into Pa Kasumu’s Diamond Bank account number 0036059543. It must also be noted that his case requires lifelong management and care principally to prevent “secondary repeat stroke”. Worthy of note is the fact that  the diagnosis and prognosis at the first cardiology consultants, Ikoyi, Lagos was in accord with the course he has been on with at LUTH.”


Tunde corroborates the claims, noting that all the money raised has been expended.


“This is simply because the programme actually included rehabilitation and we have just purchased a bungalow in Abeokuta, to serve that purpose. And the choice of Abeokuta was made for economic reasons,” he says.


The statement also reveals that the family has engaged the services of a physiotherapist and acquired some gadgets as recommended by the therapist.


It adds that the decision that he should be flown abroad for treatment has been put on hold.


“He has now been empowered by our collective intervention to comply with the medication and his other needs as prescribed by his doctors and other professionals,” the statement reveals.


“At the inception of this campaign, the estimation was that the sum of N12m would effectively address his lifelong health management, given that he has not been working for some years and he may not be able to engage in any employment.  The need to rehabilitate and relocate him from his rented apartment to a suitable accommodation was also taken into consideration to wit: either to acquire a flat or rent a flat for which he has to pay rent for years to come,” the statement adds.

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