Agn Visit Latest!Kabat Esosa Replies Segun Arinze,says you can’t silence me

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Few Minutes After Segun Arinze replied Kabat Esosa,Kabat sent us this replyKabat-_0

Its a pity my very good friend Segun has decided to start peeling off clothes in the market place. Who ever asked how they got to abuja or if they paid  their faes or not because the knowing public knows better. So, let’s let sleeping dogs lie. Chike Bryan is not just the President of Screenwriters guild..but a Director and a practitioner. It will be selective injustice and crass myopic to label him as a ‘problem’ of the Scriptwriters guild instead of an Industry problem. I dare say, we can’t be hoodwinked or stampeded to silence when issues are raised and purile sentiments are now touted as answers. It is unaceptable and a sign of  deficiency of intellect. I merely assked a question which has still not been answered; What was the value of the visit? Why didn’t they bring u Chike Bryan’s issue with the President to act on as goodwill to Nollywood instead of accusing the scriptwriters guild of ineptitude? Why did they not discuss the MOPICON bill which has the propensity to transform NoLlywood like the PIB Bill will do to the petroleum Industry. ? These are thoughts that people ned answers for. And to note…Segun is my very good friend..infact, was my Best man but even Segun knows me…they know I don’t suffer fools gladly! Period

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