Kabat esosa Egbon slams AGN Over Goodluck visit

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presidential visitHere is the reaction of the filmmaker to the visit; The difference between make Believe and Reality. Well, its sad that Nollywood which should stand out as a moral compass and part of the ‘fourth estate’ of the people, has gradually turned into self serving ‘politician-actors’. One question I think begs an answer from them is; what was the reason and value of the Presidential visit? How have their visit added anything to the hue and cry in the country in respect of security, unemployment etc. I know some will say..they are not politicians but that will be a joke because they are even worse than some of these so called politicians.  When a people leave their core constituent and decide to dance the dance of shame…sooner than later, they will dance naked at the market place. I think AGN should priotize their  function and functionality and address issues that affect their immediate constituent; Actors….rather than been an extension of the Presidency


  1. eke ume

    February 20, 2014 at 12:02 PM

    Its amazing how people, including practitioners jump into issues and make embarrassing comments on issues they know nothing about. AGN visited the President to discuss issues that concerns them as actors and the industry as a whole. These people making comments Should please get a copy of the speech made by AGN president and they requests made, it had nothing to do with politics, they made their requests aand left the Villa. They are not politicians so you don’t expct them to go there and querry the President on missing funds and ligths etc.

  2. babe de brainy

    February 20, 2014 at 1:22 PM

    Dis guy is just an attension seeker who is feeling bad he wasn’t invited. What’s his name again?

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