Halwa is a Robbery in Broad Day Light.

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If you watched the trailer of HALWA, you can do all it takes to buy the movie as soon as it’s released. Now the movie was released, the story changed, I mean not the storyline but the story length – is not up to scratch. I have been trying to do what I can do personally to give the movie credit base on length not the roles been played in by the cast or other crews, but to be candid the word poor is more appropriate than any other one to me!

If you ask me what I know base on what I said above, I will say I don’t know anything. I only know what I know. Amongst what I know is that HALWA is not a conventional movie or what is literary known as feature-film, rather it’s called a short-film. “The biggest and the most obvious difference between short film and feature movie is of course, the length. For a film to be classified a short it must be less than 40 minutes in duration” Therefore HALWA is without doubt a short film, any effort to call it a feature film si hypocrisy. Both part one and two have a total length of fifty eight minutes, where as part three and four has a total of fifty minutes. To sum up all, we can say HALWA is not up to two hours long. For God’s sake where are we heading to?

Another important point to consider is the budget; it is obvious that a successful feature film will have a considerable larger budget than a short film. This is due to the fact that there is need to pay the cast and crew, rent or purchase of equipment and props and many more. But in a short film you don’t need to do all these because of its length and people don’t usually have to pay for them and they are made to convey a message not to make money. A short film usually has a lesser known cast and crew. The movie HALWA has a larger budget, known cast and crew, yet the movie is too short! But the man behind it shows his apathy and ignorance as he refused to agree with all the facts I mentioned as he said: “Once the National/State Film and Video Census Boards as well as Copy Right Commission wave my movie I don’t care what you have to say.” Considering the statement made by the CEO Kamfa Movies, I made to understand that all the regulatory bodies show no concern on the movie length or viewers’ role, they are so selfish! If not why would you let Kamfa or the marketer to extend the movie to part 3&4? To be just and fair the movie should be 1&2, extend it to 3 if you must! Anything beyond that is a rubbery in brought day light. One thing you have to understand, people watch some movies not because they are worth watching, it is just because of the love of the industry and the language as well. An all time kannywood follower said: “Kannywood movies are more or less the opium of Arewa Masses, I watch it to have some relief, I avoid smoking and drinking by watching kannywood movies.” If someone said this, why would you pay him with HALWA? I think customers or viewers should have their association too, a body where their voices should be heard.

In conclusion, I am not condemning the movie for its poor quality or content, I am reproving its length as the most shortest I have ever seen. Honestly HALWA is the type of movie if you play it on your DVD player, before you compose yourself to watch, it would end. Therefore, if you are looking for a decent feature movie don’t try HALWA!


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