I Might Not Be Strong Facially, But I’m A Very Strong Woman- Mbong Amata

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Jeta Amata’s ex, Mbong in an interview with Encomium magazine has said she might not be strong facially, but she is a very strong woman. She says she already built a great wall like that of China around her so negative comments do not move her. She spoke about this and her marriage to former husband, Jeta Amata .

Life without your husband?

Oh, life pushes me and I push it (lol). In fact, I push it with a smile.

Any regret?

I try not to live in regrets. I’m very good at counting my losses and just keep the train moving.

The rumour months back was that you have found love again?

That’s not true. That’s news to me.

So, you have not remarried?


And you are not even in a fresh relationship?

I’m not in a fresh relationship.

Won’t you give marriage another shot?

I don’t really know, but I don’t want to say never. It is the future, I prefer to live in the now and see how that goes. But for now, it is about me doing more films, charity and raising my child. So, that is my priority. I don’t think marriage is my priority for now.

Some could be generous and sincere to admit they enjoyed their marriage or relationship while it lasted. Were you that lucky with Jeta Amata?

Of course, I had a lot of great and fond memories. I had more fun than bad memories with my former husband. I was first married to my friend before a husband. That was why we were very civil enough to know that even if the marriage didn’t work, we are still friends and that is the bedrock of whatever it is that we have. We are connected for life. We have a child together. Yeah, we are cool, he is my guy. Jeta is a great man, fantastic dad but life has to move on.

What really happened?

Am I really going to say that? (Laughs) Life happened.

Were you ever worried by negative comments that trailed the crash of your marriage?

Never. I tried my best. I might not look strong but I’m very, very strong. If you are in show business or any business that puts you out there, you have to build a solid, great wall of China around you. My wall is very tall. I only hear about it, but I’m not moved one bit. I really don’t care what people say about my broken marriage because no one knows me like I know myself. So, I have a huge wall around my person.

You still bear Jeta Amata’s name?

Yes, does it change anything?


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