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They just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary recently and the two have being telling the tales of love, here is Foluke Daramola’s version in her interview with NATIONAL ENCOMIUM

How does it feel celebrating first anniversary of your marriage to Kayode Salako?

It feels happy and great. I am also grateful to God for His faithfulness and being able to sustain our Love and conviction till this moment. I feel the best I have never felt, living with kayoed Salako Adeorimi.So far,he has proved to be a true companion, soulmate, father, brother, bestfriend and lover. He is also my greatest critic and mentor.

Going by the controversy that trailed the marriage,did you ever think that it would ever last a month,let alone a year?

Of Course,I did because before I took my decision I was convinced of what I was going into,and I knew I could sustain it with the help of God Almighty aside the could sustain it with the help of God Almighty aside the fact that I knew God has blessed me with a rare specie in my hubby.I knew what we share can and will always stand the test of time.Regardless of the prevalent and unforeseen challenges,the two of us decided to go into it with the determination to sustain it.

How were you able to cope with the condemnation from within and outside the industry by some who labeled you a husband snatcher?

Naturally,I felt bad,especially because I was accused unjustly but I guessed Loving has to come with sacrifices and consistency so I knew with time the end will definitely justify the means.I was and I am still convinced that I am on the right path and I was also carrying out a God destined instruction for my life.I knew I am not here to snatch another woman’s husband,Right now,I know I am living with my conviction and I am very happy.

Would you say marrying Salako has changed your life?

Of Course,it hasn’t only changed my life,it has also repositioned it to fulfillment.First,as a happily married woman to the one I love so much.Second,It has brought back my self esteem.Third,it has improved my children’s psychological and mental wellbeing,knowing they have a true father,a feeling that can never be bought with money.

What are the Specific things you have achieved in the last one year of being with Kayode Salako?

I have achieved all because if I have true companionship,true and undiluted Love and peace of mind,friendship and fulfilment  as a woman,then you have achieved all.I can’t thank God enough for bringing my own husband to my destiny because men like Adeorimi Oluwakayode Salako are few and rare to come by in our society.

A lot of your fans,we believe,would have loved to witness you celebrate the first wedding anniversary with a new baby ,Is there anything wrong somewhere?

To be Honest,nothing is wrong.We have five children already.We are just taking our time,child bearing is not attractive.So, for now ,we are relishing on the companionship of each other and we are enjoying it while it lasts especially before the children start coming in because we all know that children always divide attention.

Or making baby is not in your agenda?

Like I said,it is but it’s not immediately.

In what way would you say you have also influenced your husband in the last one year?

My hubby tells me he is a happy man living with me and that’s a positive influence on its own.When a man is emotionally stable and psychologically balanced then he can think and function well.To me,that’s the greatest influence a woman can have on a man.Besides,I play my role in the areas of giving my all to support his economic survival and business expansion.I play all the roles I can to make my husband fulfilled.Above all,I support him with my fervent prayers and personal supplications.And also my usual Psalms recitation(laughs).

Can you describe briefly how you celebrated the wedding anniversary?

We decided to keep our first anniversary quiet because there had been too much noise around us,so we decided to keep it low by going on a private boat cruise to celebrate each other and we wouldn’t want to release the pictures now.


Some of the pictures exposed a lot of my body.So,I don’t want them out,and my hubby too.

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