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Recently on this blog, a story of Shaeed Balogun being cursed by his first wife for abandoning her and his first child was publish here, in case you missed it, read it here. The Actor has come out to clear himself on that matter in this interview with ENCOMIUM. Read below;


Let’s talk about key issue. Recently, there was a social media report that your first wife cursed you, that’s why your marriage to Fathia crashed. Not only that, the report also added that you have not seen your first daughter ,Zenat, that you abandoned her to her mother. What’s your reaction to this?

I wasn’t the only one that was shocked when they posted it. I believe the whole world was also shocked to read that kind of publication. Even the child they wrote about was also shocked. It was a blogger who only likes blackmailing that reported it. He didn’t even stop at that, he also sent it to all his Blackberry contacts. Then when Zenat saw it, she was just crying. My daughter called me that same morning she saw it, and started crying. She said, ‘Daddy, What’s all this? I saw something now that you have not shown me for the past 12 years. Is this the way this country is going to pay you back, instead of appreciating what you’re doing?’ I now told her, it’s not like that, but what she saw  was the handiwork of some people who think they have the power to blog, and they can post anything they like. Let them go ahead and be posting their rubbish. The shocker was that a lot of people saw the girl acting in my movie recently. Did she fall from the sky to join the cast of the movie? The same guy who wrote that I have not seen my daughter in the last 12 years used the picture of myself , Zenat and Khalid in that same blog not long ago. That means somebody must be sick. Please, help me ask them, the public should also ask them what they want. We need to rest for God’s sake. The whole country is in disarray. They don’t write about that or suggest anyway forward , I keep wandering  if there is no law in Nigeria again. A lot of these things are  happening and we fold ours arms. Those doing this are blackmailers. They are only looking for a way of making money. And the same set of people are complaining about the president, that means if they are allowed to rule, definitely they will deceive us just like they’re doing  now with their blogs.                                                                                                                                                              ;

Journalism is a very good profession and I believe as a journalist, if you see a story or you’re told of anything about somebody, you need to investigate before putting your pen on paper. And as a blogger, you don’t just jump to your blog and start posting what you didn’t confirm, and people will now start reacting. But special thanks to Almighty God, since they posted it people didn’t even react to it because it shocked them. That’s why I keep saying, help me ask these people if there is anything they want from me. They should just voice it out, instead of embarking on cheap blackmail.

Are you sure your daughter is happy with you and you see her often?

Yes, there is no problem between me and my daughter. We are happy. People should just think deeply before they write anything. They shouldn’t write to ruin other people’s tomorrow because of money.

How old is Zenat now?

My beautiful, good looking angel is 15. Like father like daughter, she is much okay. Let the president, ministers or governors be aware, if any of their sons is willing to take her for a wife, they are free(laughs).

What of her mother who they said had cursed you?

She is fine also,We talk regularly. We are happy people. She is very happy where she is, I am also happy where I am. Everybody is just looking for a way forward. My daughter, Zenat wants to be a movie producer and director. So, when you see a happy home like this, is writing something like that the good way of making them happier or spoiling their joy? So, those involved in blackmailing should check themselves.

What of the curse by your first wife, how true is it and when exactly did that happen?

I don’t know anything like that o. What I think is that some years back, there was this kind of rubbish that was written by a magazine but was cleared. So, I don’t know where they got that.

Are you saying nothing like that happened between you and your first wife?

Nothing like that. You can also see from my Facebook. Okay, my daughter featured in my two films, Alanu Aye mi and Eti Keta. So, if there is any problem, would she have participated in any movies? With due respect, there are some fantastic and hardworking bloggers, I give it to them. But we have some whose main job is to blackmail.

There is a tale that you’re planning to wed your new lover, how true is that?

That’s good news and am happy to hear that. Let’s wait and see.

Are you denying that? We even heard that she is pregnant for you?

I have told you, Let’s wait and see. I have no comment on that.

Lest we forget, We learnt you and Fathia share the same birthday, how true is it?

It’s true. We were born on the February 5 but not the same year. We were even born in the same hospital.

What’s the name of the hospital?

That’s military Hospital, Enugu.

Is that why you’re like two drivers in a bus?

No comment, please.

Are you still saying you can’t reconcile with her?

Please, no comment. Thank you.





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