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This last AGN presidential visit has been a very interesting one as the after math of it was lots of drama episodes, from some people questioning the intention of the visit, to arguments and all that. Back to the gist of the moment. A confirmed report has it that the President of AGN Ibinabo Fiberesima  has been getting threat messages connoting that her life is not safe, report has it that some of the messages contents includes, she mustn’t step to Jos. The reason being that AGN during their last visit to the President requested for the sack of the MD  Nigeria Film Corporation Dr. Danjuma Dadu because the man doesn’t have the passion and now that the industry is growing rapidly, someone who is more passionate about the movie industry should replace him. This did not go down well with the youths of Jos and now they are threatening IB. Madam, safety precaution 101: Do something about this, don’t take it as a mere threat.

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  1. Murtaza Micky Yusuf

    February 28, 2014 at 3:44 PM

    I concur with your suggestion that the AGN president,should be more safety conscious! In Nigeria,nowadays,if you got a threat to your life,as we say in the Boys scout-Be Prepared!

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