STEPHANIE LINUS Prayer For The People On Board The Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane

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I’ve followed the reports of the missing Malaysia Airlines Plane for the past two days and the news is truly sad and shocking.

It’s very depressing that even with the improved technology and communication we are blessed with in this age, it seems a plane can simply vanish from the sky. Countries with the best technology have employed their resources into searching for this missing plane for the past two days and have come up with nothing. Yesterday, I watched the news as boats and planes scoured the water, chasing a series of leads that proved false. While some say the plane might have crashed into the sea, others say it has been hijacked by terrorists.

Whatever the case may be, this is not looking good, especially for the family and friends of over 200 people who were on board that plane. My heart goes out to them at this difficult time. It must be a terrible thing not knowing whether your loved ones are dead or alive, just missing…

As the world waits for news on this missing aircraft, I say a prayer for the lives of all the passengers and crew members who were on board that plane and urge you to do the same too.

May God be with them all.

Courtesy: Stephanie Daily

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