Biola Ige Again!Muna didnt suck my boobs,he merely peck it

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This is according to National Encomium
For you to be comfortable in such role with Muna Obiekwe, what is your relationship with him?
We all love different sides of acting. Angelina Jolie cannot act a weeping or gentle role. Muna is an extraordinary actor for him to take such role. For me, as Bisola Ige, I can do any character with the help of my director. It is called acting. If you don’t have the big heart for it, don’t come. If you don’t have the capacity and passion for it, don’t do it. I can take up any role. Before that episode, I never met Muna, I don’t need to be in a relationship to act with anybody. I am an actor. Muna is a married man. I saw him just once and the next time I saw him was on that movie set.
Did he actually suck your boobs?
Not at all, I am using this medium to ask people to go back and watch desperate hawkers.
When was the movie released?
It was released in 2012.
So, why is the picture going viral now?
Obviously, that is another question for whoever released the picture. Kudos to them. This is an opportunity for whoever released it, after two years to reply. It’s mischievous.
Who is the producer of the movie?
Her name is Ruth Eze.
Are you not disturbed by the criticisms and negative publicity arising from your role in the movie, especially where Muna was sucking your boobs?
No, I am not! My dad is alive. Thank goodness he does not have access to internet. But my brother saw the picture and he was so disturbed. He asked me what really happened and I told him that was not me. He was not sucking my boobs. What I remember was the director said action and Muna pecked me on top of my breast and he said baby go inside I am coming. That was the scene. Two years later, I saw a picture of him sucking my boobs. My brother said I am an actress and I am getting my money from there, don’t be disturbed about it and he will make sure nobody in the family gets bothered about it. After all, it is called acting.
Do we get to see you more in such movies?
Yes, if the story is well told, good message. I am an actress, if I reincarnate, I will choose acting. If a director comes with a script and I am okay with it, I am going to take it.
Your guy’s reaction?

Thank God I don’t have one. If anybody must date me, he must understand the nature of my job. As Biola Ige, I am an actress. If you must date me, you must provide me with everything life has to offer and I mean everything and definitely that cannot happen. But when one gets to a certain stage, you won’t be able to do anything. But now I am still young and why not invest this talent fruitfully? This is a chance for the industry to go forward, but Nigerian don’t want change and this is change, time to know who is real and who is not



  1. Bianca

    March 19, 2014 at 1:13 PM

    We can reli see how much he pecked it.Mscheew.

  2. anonymoux

    February 6, 2015 at 1:16 AM

    i’ll luv 2 fuck those boobs they re nice

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