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This might be a shocking news to her fans but she sent out this message via instagram saying after today, she will no longer have an FB account. Read her reasons below;

Just to let you know that I am shutting down all my Facebook accounts. And I really mean all. Please spread the word and let your friends know that after today, any stella Damasus on Facebook is not me. I need to protect my self and image the best way I can as some impersonators have started using my name to collect money from innocent people who want to get into the movie industry. I would rather sacrifice my Facebook accounts than have people think that I would do such a thing. Lots of love to you all and God bless you.

So any Stella Damasus FB account you see after today is fake. Run for you life!

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  1. miss jennifer

    October 29, 2015 at 6:25 AM

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