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In a resent interview with ENCOMIUM magazine actress/producer Dayo Amusa clears the air on the rumour that she has something going on with fugi musician Kwam 1. Read below;
A couple of weeks back, K1 de Ultimate staged classy weddings for three of his daughters and you played a very important role. Since then speculations have been rife that there must be something you’re hiding from the public between you and the popular fuji musician. What is your reaction to this?
Left to me, I wouldn’t like to react to this kind of question anymore because it’s more like a dead issue. It doesn’t have any meaning to me again. This issue has been on ground since 2011, when I launched my movie Dewunmi Iberu. That was the time K1 performed, forgetting that I am not the only actress or actor the man had played for. Recently he performed at Murphy Afolabi’s movie premiere. The question is, is he also sleeping with Murphy Afolabi? So, some people are just not alright upstairs. K1 is happily married. I respected him and his wife. I saw a good father in him, likewise he saw a good daughter in me. But once they don’t understand the kind of relationship between you and a man, they start insinuating what’s far from the truth. Fine, they said I played an important role at his daughter’s wedding. They forgot I wasn’t the only one invited to play a role. I don’t even know what was so important in what I did.
I don’t need to be repeating myself. He is a father to me, and I respect him a lot. He has not disrespected himself before me, and I have also not disrespected myself before him. So, if he is doing something, and I am invited just the way I was at the events they’re talking about, I must play my part well. Besides, I wasn’t the only daughter he invited. A lot of us were there, even adopted ones. So, I wasn’t the only one that stood as his daughter during the week-long ceremonies. I have known K1 to be very nice, and I respected him for that. People should just let me rest. Alhaji invited a lot of celebrities to his daughter’s weddings, and I was contacted to entertain all the actors and actress, which was exactly what I did on his behaLF. So, what’s so special about that? How can that be fuelling unnecessary speculation about myself and him? Some people are just jobless. I don’t know what their problem is. If since 2011 people have been insinuating we’re dating, are we not supposed to be tired of each other? Just because they don’t understand the true relationship between us, that’s why they keep peddling useless rumor. They are just disturbing their brains over what is not. But my conclusion is that whoever that thinks my way of life is a problem to him or her should vacate the earth surface and stay six feet underneath.
But there is this tale that you and Bisola Badmus are not in good terms because of K1?
That’s a senseless rumor. Why can we be fighting over K1? Both of us are colleagueS. We may not be close friends but we talk and relate very well. We even communicated about three days ago. She is also my friend on BB, we chat from time to time. Whatever that may be going on between her and K1 is none of my business. They are adults. People should please not drag my name into what has nothing to do with me  

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