This Youngman Dupes Girls who wants to make a career in Nollywood

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A  young man named Kenneth Ogbor,in his late 20s or early 30s , who claims to be a reporter for Naija fm and  allegedly parade himself as a showbiz agent (modeling/acting) just to deceive young ladies with the ambition of building a career in modeling/acting into soliciting sex or dupe them.

This young man is said to have some sort of connection with a movie director in Asaba by name Ugeazu and an unknown female producer in Owerri. He is sleek in getting girls believe in him.

His module operandi is to  entice  girls with a mouth watering  job offer of either modeling or acting, assuring the girl that the job has already been sealed by him and all she need to do is to be in Owerri to meet a particular Movie producer or so. The girl gets to the said location(mostly owerri) only to meet Ken who will then give excuses about the “producer” not being available that day and that the two of them will have to share a hotel room, if the girl disagrees, he becomes hostile to her.He also display the pictures of these young ladies on his BBM(hush babe) and any interested client of his will request for that girl because he is also a pimp for many society big guns, mainly musicians.

Bononline spoke to one of his victims by the name Chika,While relaying her experience, she said that Ken contacted someon she knows, requesting for a model that he could use her for  a TV commercial. So, Chika’s number was given to Ken. While Ken and Chika were discussing, Ken, in a subtle manner made  Chika to see reason why she should not make their conversation known to the guy(name withheld) who connected them both. Chika being a smart girl was able to detect that the Ken is a fraud. According to her, As  more girls are falling prey to him per second.

Also is the story of  Rufina who got to Owerri for the 350k movie job Ken said he got for her. When she got to the hotel in Owerri, he met Ken who told her she will be seeing the producer tomorrow. She checked into the hotel and Ken forcefully requested to share same room with her.When she objected ,Ken became hostile to her and she had to lie that she was pregnant and could not sleep with him since it was a taboo where she hailed from.  Ken didn’t buy the story  and still ended up sharing the  room with her but because the girl had hinted her boyfriend via bbm on her situation, her boyfriend kept calling her through out  the night and that helped to keep Ken in check.


Girls beware!

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