Emma Ehumadu Speaks Exclusively To Bonoline From Hospital Bed In Duba

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Emma Ehumadu
has every reason to thank God. He survived a severe head injury he sustained in an accident that occurred on set of a movie. In this interview he share a vivid account of the accident and his journey to survival.
Bon: Can you recall the accident incidence?
Emeka: Hmn! On the 12th of March,While filming in Asaba, on the set of Holy Cup movie. A film being directed by Vincent. It was a Car chase scene, Jim Iyke was driving,  Zuby Micheal was on the roof, I was on the Passengers side by the window, Sly Madu, Queen Nwokomah and Jnr Pope were in the back seat. It was a Robbery Gang being chased by the Police. Zuby Micheal  and I were returning fire on the Police Van chasing and shooting at us. Shortly after where the camera was, was the production Location bus parked, with  it’s back door opened to  the road. On the other side of the road was another Toyota camry car parked,  making  the  road very narrow. Due to  the  speed we came with in our car,  Jim could not control the speed before reaching the  bus and thus, I was slammed with the back of my head to the open bus door parked. My faced was shattered by d gun in my hand.I passed out  and was rushed to the hospital by Jim and Zuby. I later regained consciousness in the hospital while d stitches was going on.
Bon: How have u been able to raise funds for treatment?
Emma: While I was at d hospital in Asaba,  the Production Management was very Supportive, they took care of me and all the bills .Both my trip abroad and treatment was a collective effort of My Brother, Mr Mike Ehumadu, Myself, My Elder Brother in America and some very Supportive Friends I have.It became a family and Friends affair. Mrs Ebere Chukwu and My Godfather Chief Ateke Tom.They all made sure I was well taking care of while in the hospital. Walta Anga stood by me all through my pains. I want to say a big thanks to them all
Bon: How did you feel when people were using your name to raise money?
Emma; That issue was a misunderstanding. That was an effort put together by some of my friends to raise quick money for me when they realized the much bill I was gonna pay at the Canadian Specialist hospital in Dubai for the surgery,their intention was pure. When I got the news, I called them to stop the campaign,  that it was not necessary. Since I’ve already raised the money from family and friends. So it actually made me feel good knowing someone really cared. It was not fraudulent.
Bon: What did the doctor say is the extent of damage done?
Emma: My coming here was the best decision I ever took,  the injury was already infected and was bringing out pores. While in Nigeria, the doctors were careless. On getting here (CSH),  the doctor  said there was need for immediate surgery to  be performed in order to avoid the infection from getting to my skull. An immediate CTS scan was performed to verify if damage had gotten to my skull and possible brain damage. Thank God it didn’t get to that.Further delay would have been very dangerous.
Bon: :So will u take it easy now or u will do more stunts in future?
Emma: (Laughs) I’ve been acting for over 15 years now, i’ve done bigger stunts in the  past.  That’s why  i am referred to as the No 1 stunt action movie actor in Nigeria. What happened to me recently was as a result of recklessness and carelessness.Movie producers should stop using death traps as location buses and Sets where such actions are to happen must be properly cleared. Ambulance and First aid Medicare Provided.We take and use our lives for granted in most of our Nollywood productions. We’ve past this stage and need to seriously upgrade before more harm is done to actors in the future.  Insurance must come to  play too. I have learnt my lessons and will take all necessary precautions henceforth.

I must not forget to add how sportive my wife was all through my Trauma,  she stood by me and gave me strength. I  wanna use this opportunity

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  1. Egor Efiok

    April 5, 2014 at 10:46 AM

    It is very well my bro. This accident really shook me and my greatest happiness is that you are healed and your healing shall be permanent IJMN – AMEN.

    Thanks also for highlighting all the precautions that need to be taken. As you know, if I talk wetin I wan talk…anyway, I can’t shout! God dey.

    God bless your lovely wife, Walter and all those that have stood by you. Hope to see you up n’ running soon. Stay blessed.


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