Kemi Stone speaks on how she came about her name and what makes her sexy

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Kemi stone is one of the hottest new starlets in nollywood,out spoken and witty, ready to take over the world with her inventions .She spoke to bon on what makes her thick and her next plans


BON: How did you come about the name kemi Stone?

KEMI: Kemi stone is actually a brand name. My name is Kemi  Saka.

BON: So why did you choose that brand name? Are  you a hard person? (laughs)

KEMI: (laugh) No am not a hard person, actually I love Sharon stone. Since I have been watching movies, I would say she is one of the people that inspired me in acting so I picked up the name stone.

BON: When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

KEMI: The first thing I think about is God, then my career and what I want to do with my life.  I think about all the plans I have, the things I want to do, I get scared and I tell myself “common kemi why are you  scared like that” I read online most of the time and  I came across this saying “if your dreams ain’t big and scary enough, then you should go back to bed, it means your dreams ain’t big enough”.

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BON: So what is it that makes you an actor to watch out for?

KEMI: I am a very different person. My personality, so I think people should watch out for kemi stone.

BON: Would you label yourself as sexy?

KEMI: Sure(laughs)

BON: Why?

KEMI: Looking at me, you would know. If you ain’t sexy you won’t look like me (laughs)

BON: So what’s sexy about you?

KEMI (Laughs) You really wanna hear that? ok look at me and tell me what is sexy about me? Even girls would come close to me and say “ I like your chest” am not saying that is the most sexy thing about me.

BON: So when they say that to you what do you do?

KEMI: I just blush and say thank you

BON: Why did you study law?

KEMI:  I chose law because that was the only option I had at that time. I wanted to study theatre arts but I wasn’t given admission into theatre arts so I was like, let me just go because I didn’t want to sit at home. It’s not what I really wanted to study but very soon I will be travelling abroad to study about filming

BON: Do you get sexually harassed?

KEMI: (Laughs) Ask me that later.

BON: Because you’re a beautiful lady, in the public eyes, you get noticed on a daily basis, even people who are not celebrities get sexually harassed or some thing.It is generally believed that before you can make a head way in nollywood you have to go through that?

KEMI: Of course, all the time. Even some quacke directors who don’t really know much about the job. Some of them would tell you come to my hotel room and am like “what the hell”. what is this guy talking about? Must I sleep with everybody because I want to be a star?  Hell no! you just have to calve a nitche for yourself. If you know that you are very good, one day no matter how long, it’s going to take you, you will surely get there. You don’t have to get sexually involved with anybody before you become a star.

BON: What is the most expensive fashion accessory you have?

KEMI: I design and make costume jewelry, I love crystal beads, I love buying crystal beads a lot.

BON: What kind of fashion statement do you like to make?

KEMI:  Fashion has to come with your mood, probably where you are going to or the way you want people to see you. For me, I would say am a very fashionable person, in my own way.

BON:  When you are happy, what kind of clothes do you wear?

KEMI: When am happy I dress very funky.

BON: So what was your journey into nollywood like?

KEMI: As you know,  am just a beginner.  So the journey has not been easy but with time something good will come out of the journey

BON: So what’s your most wonderful experience you have had in nollywood?

KEMI: Am yet to experience one

BON: Why acting?

KEMI:  when I was younger, I would stand in front of the mirror and mimic stars. I would even read their lines and say it after them. when they started the series, super story, that inspired me to go to pefti, thinking that if I went through them I would be called for jobs, hopefully people would see me and call me for jobs but you know (laughs) I met a couple of friends who called me for auditions and that was how it started.

BON: Pefti was your first contact with acting right?

KEMI: Sure

BON: What about your first movie role?

KEMI: I have not really done much movie but I have done couple of soaps, one of them was directed by Tunde Kilani the one I did recently by Bayo Alawuye but I don’t know the title because most of them use a working title. Then my own movie.

BON: As an actor do you think it is possible to be without controversy?

KEMI: You can try but trust me it is not easy because people want to know so many things about you. Some people will even be trying to bring you down, depending on what you want for yourself. I can decide that I want to be a controversial person and spread some bad news about me.

BON: Is it true that Actors always have one bad habit  like smoking, drinking, prostitution , homo  or any other and that’s what actually causes controversies?

KEMI: As far as am concerned, an actor is just a normal person like everybody. So we are prone to all these bad habits. We all have habits that is either good or bad and as an actor yours is in the public eye. You can actually stay clean but trust me it is not easy.

BON:  What has acting added to you?

KEMI: A whole lot! It has made me  stronger trust me,  because I learnt a lot . Am an indoor person, it is only when I go to set or auditions that I meet people. I don’t really go out like that, I would say it has really changed me, you know for good. Sometimes when people do certain things to me, I just take it as acting, I don’t get angry.

BON: Your boyfriend must be very proud of you?

KEMI: (Laughs) Boyfriend? Common, no boyfriend for now.

BON: Ok fiancée right?

KEMI: No! none for now

BON: Why is that?

KEMI: It’s because am not ready for that now, am still trying to set up my own career to calve a nitch for myself.  So I don’t want something that would disturb me you know?

BON: So what’s up with you now?

KEMI: What am  up to apart from acting?  Am into so many things,  am a very creative person, am very good when it comes to ideas. Pretty soon, I will be launching an application, am sure you will know about it when that time comes but am just a very creative person, this acting is just a way of creating awareness. I want people to know me when those ideas start coming, they won’t be surprised or say where is this kemi stone coming from. I also have another project am launching with a group of people it’s called “yes I can” we have been talking to the Lagos state government to support us because we really need support on this one, it is a very big project.

BON: So what are you future plans for acting, or are you just going to sweep acting under the carpet?

KEMI: No! of course I love acting, it has always been my passion. I will still do it, I will continue to do it, it won’t stop me from whatever things I want to do.

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