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Independent Television Producer Association of Nigeria (ITPAN)  currently holding their annual free  training and workshop for television and video practitioners,which  holds from 14th  to 18th of April.

While speaking on the purpose for this training, the president of the organisation, Stephen Imobhio explained that ” ITPAN was establish to standardize the industry in the area of human capacity and welfare and one of the area we are functioning presently, is organizing training for master class, people who are already in the industry and we also throw it open  for final year student of higher institution,who are affiliate to ITPAN,  we have a lot of higher institutions affiliated to this organization, like University of Ibadan, Mapoly, Unilag and others. So, what we are doing today is calling on this people because they are affiliates and we call on various media outfits who are affiliates, to train their staff in the master class which  is just one week programme. We also have programme that we do normally and it  goes on for two to three weeks, that is different but this one come once in a year and it’s practically free for everyone”

ITPAN is a body that is out to give our today TV production a face lift by creating training platforms and using well known  knowledgeable hands in TV production and Movie production to facilitate them.

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