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Today is Bob Manuel Udokwu birthday.This veteran actor has added another year to his fruitful years. Happy birthday to you, we wish you long live and prosperity. Below is a little biography about him;

Bob Manuel Udokwu is a leading and pioneer Nollywood actor. A native of Idemili North Local Government who prides himself as having come from the same town as the literary legend Chinua Achebe, Bob, husband of the always gorgeously looking Cassandra, mother of his two kids yet, whose deep involvement in the arts as his peers allude was not accidental has proved overtime that his, is indeed a marriage with the arts that was consummated at birth.

In Bob’s acting oeuvre are such celebrated movie productions like ‘Evil Genius’, ‘Tokunboh’, ‘Blood Brothers’, ‘Risky Affairs’, ‘Pestilence’, ‘Ogbaje’, ‘My Girl’, ‘One Dollar’, ‘Gun Powder’, ‘Apology’ and ‘Beyond The Alter’. Currently the host of the Gulder Ultimate Reality Sho, Bob’s most memorable run as many of his teeming fans will agree was his gripping run as a randy Reverend in that ground breaking religious thriller from the stable of Gabosky films ‘Beyond the Vow’. Bob not only raised the roof there, his effort in the movie raised his popularity rating and it correspondingly fetched him a number of industry awards.


  1. blessing ifedioramma

    April 20, 2014 at 11:19 PM

    Happy birthDay to bob manuel long life. My is april 21

  2. Pst,Prisca Richards Blackson

    April 29, 2014 at 3:58 PM

    Happy birthday to a dear colleague Bob Manuel Udogu. May God bless ur days

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