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Queeneth Agbor has that smile and laughter that will light up your mood anytime. This beautiful Akwa-Ibom state born reveals she has always known she would be an actress, so her journey into nollywood has been all she  expected;

BON: Before you became an Actress who was Queeneth  Agbor?

QUEENETH AGBOR: Before I became an actress, I was just a very normal dramatic child. I studied  microbiology at the University of Calabar  but I have always been a very dramatic child. There was never a Drama without me in church, even at home. There was not a time I said I really wanted to act.

BON: What do you mean by dramatic?


QUEENETH AGBOR: When I say dramatic, I  mean a child that is always acting, my expression were all about acting, everything about me was all acting. It got to a stage my ex-boyfriend’s mother had to say you need to be out there, not here making us laugh. Even my teachers  asked  me what I  was doing in sciences, when i should be in theater art.

BON: What inspired you to go into acting?

QUEENETH AGBOR:  I was inspired to go into acting because as much as I was into science. Acting has always been a passion, like I said I was a dramatic person I was in drama in church, at home. I grew up into drama, it has always been there right from childhood that I love doing drama. It was fun, though thenit was for fun not the fame. There was a time my teacher offered to register me in the AGN (Actors Guild of Nigeria). I said no that I want to graduate first.

BON: What was the reaction of your parents when you decided to go into acting?

QUEENETH AGBOR: seriously my grandmother said to me finally my granddaughter Queen has gone to where she belong. It was not shock to everybody, everyone said finally she is where she truly needs to be, they have been so supportive.

BON: What was growing up like for you?

QUEENETH AGBOR: Growing up for me was splendid. I actually grew up with my grandma. You know when you grow up with grandma my mother was very busy she was always working always travelling because of work so, I grew up with my grandma which was splendid experience. I never lifted my hand, growing up was fun that I can’t even explain. You know growing up with your grandma and she’s always pelting it’s all about pelting. I could act if she says give me a glass of water I could act that I wasn’t feeling well and trust me when you touch my body I would be so hot, I was that crazy. Now growing up was fun, it was really fun.

BON: What has been your most daring role?

QUEENETH AGBOR: my most daring role, actually I have not had any daring role. I have had to cry, had to insult, I had to insult Mr Ibu Charles, Papi Luwe I had to seriously insult. My producer had tell me don’t look at this people just insult them. So, I had to keep cursing, I had to use my native dialect which is Calabar to insult them.


BON: What has been your most challenging role as an actress?

QUEENETH AGBOR: My most challenging role for now, have not really had any cause crying to me is a normal thing and being a bitch trust me every girl can be a bitch. For now I have not really had that challenging role.

BON: Can you go nude in a movie?

QUEENETH AGBOR: Crazy! I can be very crazy but no, I can’t go nude.

BON: How do you shuffle between your career and your relationship as acting is very demanding?

QUEENETH AGBOR: When it comes to relationship,  you see acting is very demanding. You love this person and you love acting. Acting is my passion I don’t compromise acting with my relationship. If you love me you would understand what am going through and what am doing. For now acting is my priority any man that loves me would support me if not its fine. It’s not something you have to struggle with. So far it’s been great and fine.

BON: It has been said that homosexuality is rampart in the industry what has been your take on that?

QUEENETH AGBOR: What has been my take on homosexuality it’s been rampart in the industry. Really I won’t say because I have never come across that. I have not come across that aspect when it comes to the industry. well the Bible condemns homosexuality. It condemns it. It’s not even right. But you see people have their life to live so, I am neutral I don’t know. So, I can’t say anything about that.

BON: Do you plan good into production, do you intend training people who want to go into acting?

QUEENETH AGBOR: Well yeah I have a plan to train people that have true passion but my plans for later later is to go in search of raw talents there are talents out there but they don’t really know how to go into acting so I would love to train such people and I would love to go into production. I would love to do something of my own and groom up comers that are talented.

BON: How do you deal with male admiration and sexual advances?

QUEENETH AGBOR: Well you have to deal with it because that is the situation you find yourself you don’t have to well as much as you can be rude, you should know your boundary. There is a boundary to the way you smile or dealing with your admires because they are your fans. So, there is always a boundary you should know where to cross the line.

BON: How do you feel when someone walks up to you on the street and recognizes you as an actress?

QUEENETH AGBOR: Actually the first time I was walking on the street and someone recognized me. It was awkward at first then I was like oh really but as time goes it’s normal and am like oh thank you I smile and it doesn’t feel awkward again.

BON: What is the latest with you?

QUEENETH AGBOR: I just left set yesterday am actually trying to rest if I should show you my phone my eyes were swollen because I have been really stressed since January I have been on set so, right now I want to give myself two weeks break which I started on Sunday. For now I just want to rest although I have another job immediately but I have begged the producer using the excuse that my eyes are still swollen.

BON: When are you getting married?

QUEENETH AGBOR: I might just decide to get married, marriage will happen when it happens.


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    April 23, 2014 at 10:36 AM

    Queeneth Agbor is the most spontaneous and natural actress I have seen.

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