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Starring; Zack Orji, Kepy Bassey-Inyang, Paul Obazele, Joseph Benjamin, Ibinabo Fiberesima, Scott Roberts, Benita Nzeribe

Also starring; Frank Dallas, Aaron Garvey, Abubakar Yakubu

Introducing; Sefiya Ibrahim, Ilona Pinka, Stewart Coulter (Little Igwe), Jennifer Anwulika.

In an honest quest for improvement in his standard of living and his desire to settle into matrimony with his heart throb, Tejiri uncovers a massive web of conspiracy on human trafficking and crime on board ‘St. Mary’, an oil vessel on voyage bound for Amsterdam.

Nonye gets lured by a face book confidant and friend into a seeming breakthrough in her singing career. Her excitement banishes caution and her world is thrown into a spiralling string of turmoil and disaster. She lands in a cabal’s dragnet stripping her away from the safety of family and imposing a terrifying adventure amidst her pleas for survival.

Watch below;

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