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It is a new month and today is Workers Day. As always most Nigerian workers, majorly parents and youths will be at the states stadia for a march past and governors salute. Others are at home because the average Nigerian likes holidays. Borno state is one of the celebrating thirty- six state, where Over two hundred female teenagers(children) are still being held at an unknown place since the 15th of April and I am wondering what their celebration will be about?

The governor and his CSO and the state security director wants us to believe that they do not know where these great females are? How can they even dare to say happy new anything without having those young people back at their parents? I am a female and a mother and I can not get the annoying picture of the pains their families must be going through out of my head or what trauma other kids their age must be facing right now. So I decided that I must ask Nigeria’s ruling class and their security agencies where Nigeria’s over two hundred female children are? Why are you pretending to be doing something when you are busy playing busy? Why have you decided to make the criminals look like they are spirits and cannot be seen? Stop mystifying criminals please!!!

Please concerned citizens of Nigeria what happened to the voices and protest matches of Occupy Nigeria, Save Nigeria, Women Arise, Women for change Development Initiative, Trade Union Council (TUC) and Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC)? Where are the over two hundred future female workers of Nigeria? Why are we killing the future of our nation by our silence and the things we allow? This is when to join us in calling all security agencies in and operating in Nigeria to help us find our children and fish out these criminals. We must demand now!!! Give us our children!!!

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