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Lanre Nzeribe, former boyfriend and partner of Nollywood actress, Monalisa Chinda has released a statement which insinuates that the actress lied about the terms of her departure from the fashion and luxury, ‘Monalisa‘ magazine.

Speaking through Purple Moments Limited, the company under which ‘Monalisa’ magazine is registered, he said the press release of Wednesday, 16th of April 2014 to the media by Media wise network on behalf of Monalisa Chinda is a misrepresentation of facts done in bad faith to deliberately dent the image the brand.

He revealed that the “professional irreconcilable differences” stated by Monalisa Chinda as reasons for her exit- was nothing but a blatant lie.
‘Both parties never had any professional differences as the party involved had little or no idea as to how to run the business. The chairman (Lanre Nzeribe) was the major shareholder of the company.
The statement also went further to stress that the star actress never contributed anything financially to the magazine, except when she chipped in to pay the salary of staff in January 2014.
‘We can assure you that this claim is baseless and utterly false as the chairman started the business with his resources, without a dime or contribution from Ms Monalisa Chinda.’
Meanwhile, a source revealed to idontdull that Monalisa Chinda resigned from the company as far back as March 14, 2014, and that the magazine has since employed a new set of staff after the old batch left after Monalisa’s exit.
It is also believed that they have begun work on the third issue after former MBGN Anita Nwagbale covered the second issue.

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