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Fast rising Nollywood actress Uche Iwuanyanwu reveals to Dapo a reporter of Best of Nollywood the true reason behind her acting career and why she can’t go nude in a movie. Here is what she has to say about her life and career.

BON: Who is Uche Iwuanyanwu and how is growing up like?
UCHE IWUANYANWU: Uche Iwuanyanwu is an actress from Imo State, Mbamo to be precise. A graduate of Economics from University of Jos. Growing up for me was very interesting. I am from the family of six three boys and three girls. My primary and secondary education was in Lagos then University of Jos to study Mass Communication, later crossed to Social Science to study Economics.
BON: You said that you studied Economics in school so, how did you come about acting?
UCHE IWUANYANWU: Yea acting has always been my first love. When growing up, I wanted to be an actress, I like imitating people, stand in front of a mirror and pretend I was somebody else. Thanks to my family, I was able to achieve that dream. I joined the drama group department in my church; there I was able to learn one or two things about acting.
BON: What was your parent’s reaction to your choice of career?
UCHE IWUANYANWU: From the beginning I have always had the support of my parent but my dad’s only concern was that I needed a plan B just in case acting doesn’t put food on my table, that was why I had to study Economics but sincerely, they are very cool with me being an actress.
BON: For how long have you been in the Movie industry?
UCHE IWUANYANWU: I started acting late 2009 but then it was just a minor role. But In 2012, I did a move in Ghana that was titled Pool Party I acted alongside with Majid, then I did another movie Four Play Reloaded which was a big hit in Ghana, where i played John Dumelo’s girlfriend. I was actually setup, after that I did Somewhere In Africa, Somewhere In Africa was a very great movie with a fantastic storyline. This movie also pave wave for me in nollywood, in fact when I got back to Nigeria I started getting jobs like Candy Girls with Nadia Buhari, Cheaters, Happy Family and so on.
BON: Which movie gave you the big break?
UCHE IWUANYANWU: Port Harcourt Babes got me my first break in Nigeria.
BON: Who is your role model in the movie industry?
UCHE IWUANYANWU: Aunty Joke Silva is someone I love and respect so much, Someone I really want to be like because she inspires me everyday.
BON: Can you go nude in a movie?
UCHE IWUANYANWU: I can’t go nude in a movie because it is not in our culture.
BON: Are you in to a relationship?
UCHE IWUANYANWU: that’s a personal question but let’s just waits and sees.
BON: Why did you choose acting as a choice of career?
UCHE IWUANYANWU: My inspiration like I said earlier acting is something I love my dependent has always love growing up has a child I just wanted to behave like someone else, like I just mimic people I want to do what other peoples can do and stuff like that so, it’s just something I love growing up and then like I said looking at the way other peoples have gotten success from it like my role model Joke Silver I think I got little inspiration from them and the gift I just decided to go on.
BON: Have you been sexually harassed before in the industry?
UCHE IWUANYANWU: No. I have never been sexually harassed, may be because I have never presented myself in such lite.
BON: What do you do apart from acting?
UCHE IWUANYANWU: Apart from acting like I said am an Economics graduate I do other minor stuff I travel most time bring in stuff and sell to my friends that is just it.
BON: What is Uche Iwuanyanwu currently up to?
UCHE IWUANYANWU: I have gotten a script which is due for shooting next week in Badagry.
BON: Do you have god father in the industry?
UCHE IWUANYANWU: (Laugh) I don’t have any godfather, I just see everybody equally
BON: Your advice for the upcoming once?
UCHE IWUANYANWU: My advice to young talents is for them to know their trade, believe in God and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise you can make itucheiwwwucheiwwww

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  1. dominic daniel I.D

    May 10, 2014 at 12:22 PM

    The sky is not your limit miss uche but ur stepping stone. Can you go nude in movie? I stand to say your moral standard is high, so I say no u may not.

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