Amaka Igwe Left With Unfulfilled Dreams and Aspiration

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amaka iIt’s the joy of every parent to be buried by their children aat old age, unfortunately for Amaka Igwe, her mother Mrs Patience Ijeoma Ene, who clocked 80 years in January 2014, is still alive. Amaka would have loved to take care of her mum and probably give her a befitting burial but death took her away. Death chattered most of her hopes and dreams. She died in her country home, Udi, Enugu State, at 51.

The creator of the popular TV series “Checkmate” and “Fuji House of Commotion,” reportedly died of an asthma attack Monday night.
She was in Enugu where she had gone, in company of her husband, Charles, for pre-production preparations for a new Igbo soap. She was said to have finished a film lecture in her home town, Udi.

The producer of popular movies and soap operas that include ‘Violated’, ‘Checkmate’ and ‘Fuji House of Commotion’ passed on in Enugu, Enugu State on Monday following an asthma attack.

According to family sources,  the prolific film-maker and her husband/business partner, Chief Charles Igwe, were on a pre-production trip to the Coal City when she had the attack.

They were said to be preparing for the production of a new Igbo soap.

Although she was said to have been rushed to the hospital when the incident happened, she eventually breathed her last at the clinic, thus throwing many of her associates and fans into grief.

A stickler for professionalism and mentor of several successful actors, Igwe is survived by her husband of 21 years, three children Ruby, David and Daniel, an aged mother, siblings and a large extended family.

Amaka may have died without realising some of her dreams. The dream of seeing her only daughter getting married and her boys been successful.

Aside her television station which was in the pipeline, the Igbo soap opera which she was shooting when she succumbed to death, may remain a fleeting illusion. Meanwhile, in 2013 she also admitted to have shot six films which she was afraid of releasing into the market because of the lack of structures to guarantee returns on her investments.

According to her, “In fairness, we have about six films that we have not released. It’s not that I’m not making films; the point is that we are not releasing it because of those super structures that we talked about. We have built a film set in Enugu, we are about to shoot one soap and two films. But this time we are beginning to finally get to what we need – to get films released and to make money without having to go through all the rigours. We are almost there. I mean, the people who made the early films, we all slowed down because of these super-structures and okay, because it was too crowded.

The present and future generations of Nollywood stakeholders will MISS YOU AMAKA…….RIP


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