AGN Member Zita Okeke Replies Clarion, Says She’s Frustrated

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zitaThe rifle between AGN P resident Ibinabo Fiberesima and nollywood actress Clarion Chukwura seems to be growing stronger. I got a mail this morning from Zita, a member of AGN, he says Clarion is only frustrated.

“My name is Zita Okeke. I am an ardent follower of events in the AGN. For some strange reasons clarion CHUKWURA has been insulting the person of the President of AGN,Ibinabo Fiberesima without caution. She has completely left the zone of common sense. Perhaps out of her innumerable failures, frustration has set in. Clarion’s frustrations come majorly from her inability to conquer her ego. Egocentric behaviour is a personality disorder which mesmerises the sufferer into delusionary posturing. The general outcome is that the person lives in illusionary visualisation of almost all activities. It is therefore not out of place for Madam CHUKWURA not to have seen the monumental strides made by Ibinabo in less than two years at the helm of AGN. Former AGN presidents have equally commended Ibinabo for a job well done, especially on the wonderful health care system she introduced about a year ago. Every member of AGN carries a debit card identity that enables them perform transactions with ease.

For the first time in the chequered history of the guild a sitting president has availed his honourable presence to the members for a parley. I could go on and on. Now let’s look at Clarion ‘s other rascal manifestations. She wants to be the next AGN president. Now she is not even a member but even if she is one, she does not have the ability and capacity. She is very elderly and is not 21st century compliant in terms of the level of structure that is currently in place in AGN. You need to be highly cultivated and schooled to be able to understand the thematic formation of the present AGN. Ibinabo has raised the bar at AGN.

The profundity of the subject matter at AGN is no longer rice and beans. On so many occasions Ibinabo jets out to present high profile papers at international fora. Last year alone she was at the ecowas ministerial conference in Ivory Coast where she made a profound case for AGN and nollywood in general. Clarion claims she has done over 200 movies and therefore better positioned to run agn. You see this kind of comment can only be made by a frustrated soul. The manifest aspect of frustration is that it tends to becloud reason. It’s latency is usually more dangerous because it exposes ones ignorance. Having played some roles in quasi dramas cannot be a measure for leadership. True leadership is stewed in humility. Ibinabo has personified humility and will continue to reposition AGN for a long time to come. My humble advice to clarion is for her to go and pay homage to ibinabo. Kabisa!‎

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