Am not a good cook but my husband adores me “Joke Silva”

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In a recent interview with City People magazine, Nollywood screen legend Joke Silva talked about her lack of cooking skills and other ways she takes care of her husband, screen legend, Olu Jacobs..

“I have never lied about this, I have never been ‘a doing the cooking kind of woman’. When my husband met me, he knew. He was the one who used to do the cooking because he is good at it. I used to do the cooking when I felt like. Sometimes, it comes out to be a huge success and sometimes a failure. Some years ago, I cooked vegetables and it was terrible and my husband is such a gem, he ate it like that. It is not as if my mum didn’t teach me. For my husband, cooking is a therapy and for me it is a chore and yet he will always tell you that I look after him so much, I do that in other ways. We have somebody who does the cooking. I have taught them to cook the way I like and we have people who do the general cleaning.”

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  1. Esther

    May 20, 2014 at 1:22 PM

    May the Lord continue to keep your family…U are a great influence to me personally..

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