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Yinka Ogun is a graduate from the Ogun State Polytechnic, he got into writing “accidentally” but loves every bit of that accident. When first approached by Faruk to pen his story, his initial reaction was excitement because his understanding of the idea was that it fell under his favorite genre: “Romantic Drama”. He hardly gets to do enough of this so he jumped at the offer and began his tumultuous relationship with what was to be; Changing Faces, a production he was sure would go far.

However, he has always played it safe in his career as a writer and when he discovered that Faruk’s story had a dark and mystical edge to it, he was not too sure of his involvement in the project. What’s more, once the actual writing process began, they could not agree on the direction of the story or the depth of the “mystical element”. Faruk’s Artsy imagination and Yinka’s solid writing background were constantly clashing.

This acclaimed writer has his sights set on the budding Ghana Movie industry. After which, he intends to write and direct his own movie as well as set up writing workshops for the future development and expansion of this field in Africa.

– Abeni Directed by Tunde Kilani
– Prince of the Savannah- Directed by Bayo Awala

– Doctor’s Quarters an MNET production
– Edge of Paradise an MNET production.

yinka ogun

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