Stop Trying To Kill My Career Alex Okoroji Exclaim

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tweettIn a chat with nollywood diva Alex Okoroji she pleaded with friends/fans to stop spreading rumours about her and come straight to her for any doubt or clarification.

“I’m sorry I have to do this. But I just got another one of those messages from another facebook friend/fan.  I don’t know who is behind this propaganda. But can they just stop telling producers that I’ve quit acting for blogging. Hian!!!

I don’t even know why anyone should be interested in taking responsibility in being my spokesman or taking panadol for my headache. Thank you whoever you are…but please let the producers/marketers call me and let me tell them myself whether I’m still acting or not. Stop knocking me.

For the records, my child is 4 years now. And I’ve sorted whatever personal issues were holding me back. I’m BACK bigger, better and more than willing to work. Enough is enough. I’m tired of people orchestrating their wicked intentions. Stop trying to kill a career I’m quietly struggling to resurrect. Thank you! And Good Morning.”

Alex Okoroji.

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