Fidelis Duker Celebrates His Birthday Today

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He is not one of those faces you see on movie posters. You don’t even get to read about him often except he drops a new work or except the discussion is on the state of the Nigerian movie industry. The fact that he operates from behind the camera has not reduced his stature as one of the most relevant players in the Nigerian movie renaissance dubbed Nollywood.

Amiable and normally a calm and quiet person, Fidelis Duker is as relevant to Nollywood as sugar is to cake. In fact since he joined in a little near two decades ago, the personable and approachable scriptwriter, producer, director, festival director and programmer has remained very relevant and if you like indispensable. The immediate past President of the Directors Guild of Nigeria and the founder and President of the Abuja International Film Festival, a festival that has grown to become a must attend for moviegoers and industry players, Duker a native of Henshaw town in Cross River State who was born in Lagos and educated in the North has risen to become a devoted disciple of the vocation whose views on the industry are sought after and respected too.

A practitioner who trained at the University of Jos, at the Yaba College of Technology, the Nigerian Television Authority College and the Nigerian Institute of Journalism and who says he is attracted to projects that have the potentials of redefining Nollywood, a reason he founded the Abuja International Film and Video Festival which is in its fifth year and a reason he teamed up with some notable industry players to set up the ground breaking business initiative called Project Nollywood, Duker who is unusually a lover of his critics, holds that success comes from consistently making accurate predictors of the future and making intelligent choices too.He has been involved in over 35 home video films in the last 15 years, some of these video films include BLOOD BROTHERS, KING OF MONEY, NEMESIS, SCANDALS, DESTINED TO DIE, MONICA LEWINSKY, PURE LOVE, DOCTOR DEATH, REJECTED, HOT PASSION, NIGHT NURSES, IMAGES, MONICA LEWINSKY.

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