Pictures From Oge Okoye’s Crystal Glam Make-Up Brand Launch

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Oge Okoye launched her Crystal Glam make up brand on the 31st of May2014, the event took place at Sheraton Hotel Lagos. Her besties, Rukky Sanda & Ebube Nwagbo were there to support her..

aaa Bo_RY5PIAAAt8KP IMG_20140531_150414 IMG_20140531_150546 IMG_20140531_160327 IMG_20140531_160350 IMG_20140531_160515 IMG_20140531_160551 IMG_20140531_161204 IMG_20140531_161213 IMG_20140531_161240 IMG_20140531_162209 IMG_20140531_162254 IMG_20140531_162307 IMG_20140531_162318 IMG_20140531_162525 IMG_20140531_162536 IMG_20140531_162548 IMG_20140531_162823 IMG_20140531_163108 IMG_20140531_170507 IMG_20140531_170951 IMG_20140531_171013 IMG_20140531_171123 IMG_20140531_171144 IMG_20140531_171153 IMG_20140531_171243 IMG_20140531_171534 IMG_20140531_174310 IMG_20140531_174328 IMG_20140531_174645 IMG_20140531_174815 IMG_20140531_175115 IMG_20140531_175355 IMG_20140531_175633

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