Victoria Alawiye Launch Her TV Programme “Tiwa Ni” (Photos)

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IMG_20140601_150124 IMG_20140601_152705 IMG_20140601_155937 IMG_20140601_160144 IMG_20140601_161229 IMG_20140601_161324 IMG_20140601_162207 IMG_20140601_164435 IMG_20140601_164506 IMG_20140601_165958 IMG_20140601_170525 IMG_20140601_170950 IMG_20140601_171434 IMG_20140601_171825 IMG_20140601_171848 IMG_20140601_171920 IMG_20140601_181059 IMG_20140601_182130 IMG_20140601_183746 IMG_20140601_184053 IMG_20140601_184643 IMG_20140601_184650 IMG_20140601_184743 IMG_20140601_185449 IMG_20140601_191029 IMG_20140601_195621 IMG_20140601_195650 IMG_20140601_204021IMG_20140601_145654 IMG_20140601_151651 IMG_20140601_152713 IMG_20140601_154205 IMG_20140601_160137 IMG_20140601_161933 IMG_20140601_203944 IMG_20140601_203957


  1. Olanrewaju Oyinlol

    June 3, 2014 at 9:19 PM

    Thumbs up girl,d sky is ur begininig. All d best as u forge ahead in d field of success. It’s indeed a unique concept

  2. Prince Obafemi

    June 4, 2014 at 5:58 PM

    I so much love but am not happy that I didn’t
    see Ankara to buy for the day

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