There’s no end to sexual harassment in Nollywood, says Ayomide Dawodu.

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downloadRecently in an interview with Bononline, nollywood fast rising actor, Ayomide Dawodu said that sexual harassment in nollywood is rampant and can’t be stopped but can be avoided. Read more:

BON: Who is Ayomide Dawodu?

AYOMIDE DAWODU: Ayomide Is an actress am an easy going person and God fearing.

BON: Tell us about your background?

AYOMIDE DAWODU: Am a student of Lagos State University am studying accounting am in my 400 level.

BON: What brought about this acting?

AYOMIDE DAWODU: Acting is something Ihave passion for, I have always love it but I had to study accounting in school because my parent don’t see acting as a career.

BON: Tell us about your love life.

AYOMIDE DAWODU: I have somebody I amdating; we have been dating close to a year but his not a subject for the public.

BON: Would you call him your dream?

AYOMIDE DAWODU: Yes, he got all I want in a man.

BON: What movie have you featured in?

AYOMIDE DAWODU: So far, I have never acted a lead role but sub role in movies. The first movie I acted was in AIYE PE GBA.

BON: How did you get the role?

AYOMIDE DAWODU: I was at location with a friend, a type of location where two or more people can shoot movies. Mr. Latin called me and said he likes me and would like me to act as Taiwo Hassan daughter, I said yes and that was it.


BON: What is your most embarrassing moment?

AYOMIDE DAWODU: My most embarrassing moment was when I was on set and I was asked cry and I couldn’t, , I was embarrass because the producer actually insulted me.

BON: What is your opinion in regards to sexual harassment in Nollywood?

AYOMIDE DAWODU: There’s sexual harassment in all industry not just movie industry but its more rampant because where you have both sexes, you will definitely have sexual harassment; it is just a matter of choice.

BON: Have you been sexually harassed before?

AYOMIDE DAWODU: No, I wouldn’t call that sexual harassment but I have been asked to sleep with a producer but I said no which didn’t change the impression the producer has because he still gave me the script even after saying no.

BON: Who is your best director?

AYOMIDE DAWODU: My best director is Adebayo Tijani, he is a very good man perfect at what he does. I have seen a situation where a movie was purchased all because Adebayo Tijani directed it. Cool doze to you brother for a job well done.

BON: Who are your role models in the industry?

AYOMIDE DAWODU: I love Joke Silva and Bimbo Akintola.

BON: Are you working on any project?

AYOMIDE DAWODU: Currently am not working on any project but definitely will very soon.

BON: In the next 5 years where would you be?

AYOMIDE DAWODU: In the next 5 years I see myself as a second to Joke Silva not by age but career wise.

BON: Can you go nude in a movie?

AYOMIDE DAWODU: No I can’t, it’s against my principles.

BON: Any word or advice to your fans?

AYOMIDE DAWODU: Please keep watching our movies and stop buying pirated movies.

BON: Rate the content of our movie, directing, producing and the quality of movie produced in nollywood.

AYOMIDE DAWODU: If you are talking about producing I will say yes we have gotten there. Some of us are trying people like Kunle Afolayan, Dayo Amusaetc. it is just that the piracy has really brought the industry down. So people can’t use huge amount of money to produce a movie because the channel of distribution is very poor and needs intervention.

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