Breaking news!Nollywood top costumier Lizzy ogodo is dead

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Bad way to start the weekend but bononline can tell you that Nollywood top costumier Lizzy ogodo based in Enugu is dead, This is how she died according to her collegue Ejiro okurame who confirmed the story to us

she was treating typhiod/malaria since end of may,,her neighbour saw her collapsed body on the stairs  toher home in Enugu and rushed her to the  hospital (Niger foundation) but her Blood pressure was very high,,she has been in coma for 3days with oxygen before she was even taken to another  hospital for  CT brain test,,doctors were waiting for her to come out frm coma before treating her well or do brain surgery till she died by 2am  saturday morning..she like a sister  to me and Mama G,,we hv bn in tears,,she has 3kids in d university.

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