Read Amaka Igwe’s Lawyer Daughter Tribute To Her

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Hey, Mummy.
I’m still waiting for your call back.
My phone doesn’t ring as often any more.
I miss you.
I miss you yelling my many many names.
I miss saying good morning and good night from wherever in the world we both are.
I miss arguing with you, I miss laughing with you.
I miss calling you when something amazing or horrifying happens.
You would be the one I would be calling right now.
I met you nineteen years ago, and I fell in love.
You were my very best friend, and there isn’t anyone to tell the things I tell you, or do the things I only do with you, anymore.
I am consoled because I know that you are safe, and you are happy. You lived an amazing life, a brilliant trailblazing, pioneering, unique, humble, and joyous life. You were awesome, you loved, and you were loved.
I know that I will be okay, and I will live, and love, and be loved. I know that I will see you again, and you will say, “Nne o, Ruboyibo, Nkennayerem, the special.” You will tell me everything.
I am happy because you made memories to last me until I see you again, memories I will remember and smile about, memories I will remind Dad, David and Dani about, Memories that will never fade.
I am trusting God that we will be fine. I know that with God, we will do great and marvelous things, even in this land of the living.
There isn’t a lot for me to write or say. But I know you know that I’ll be okay. So there remains for me no other option but to be strong with God, look unto Jesus and be the best I can be.
When I get to heaven, we’ll have a lot of catching up to do.
Until then.
Ruby Igwe (the three term lawyer and barrister-to-be)

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