Peboh Ice: Growing up with my mom and siblings wasn’t easy

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IMG_11851315197354Peboh Ice is one of the fast-rising actresses in Nollywood Industry.
Peboh Ice is one of the fast-rising actresses in Nollywood Industry.
Peboh Ice is one of the fast-rising actresses in Nollywood Industry.
Bononline: In three words describe Peboh Ice?
Peboh Ice: Humble, intelligent, and free spirited.
Bononline: What’s growing up like?
Peboh Ice: Growing up with mom and my siblings wasn’t an easy one, as a harsh disciplinarian; married to my dad a military man. It made it even worse because she ruled us like a military lady. She walks, talks, commands, stamp her feet like a soldier! You dare not go against her rules. After my Dad passed on, mom took the responsibility. She assumed the role of a father, mother, guardian’s everything all wrapped up in one! She has zero time to negotiate with you, especially if you come home with a bad results lol. No male visitors, under no circumstances should you still be outside of the house 10pm, everything with mom is *DON’T* don’t stay out late! Don’t Gossip! Get inside and Read your books! Lol I love that woman! When I look in the mirror, every positive thing in my life today honestly, is as a result of all the muscles mom had to put in to keep us in check. My only regret now is, as an adult all the caging affected me negatively, so much that I still can’t mix up with people.
Bononline: Brief details about your educational background
Peboh Ice: I did Theatre Arts at the University of Lagos.
Bononline: Tell us about your love life, who is the lucky man?
Peboh Ice: My love life is a private matter. Yes I am in a serious relationship and the lucky man wants to remain private.
Bononline: Why Acting?
Peboh Ice: Some of my friends said am very dramatic, when I talk they laugh. One asked me one day in school, must you act when you talk? We all laughed about it, but the truth is, I don’t do it on purpose, acting is just who I am.
Bononline: Your best movie is?
Peboh Ice: Igodo
Bononline: What movie brought you to limelight?
Peboh Ice: Love Medicine
Bononline: What inspired your acting?
Peboh Ice: I am a very creative person. And I act every day of my life. In school it was hard for me to choose a major course under creative arts department (music, theatre Arts and visuals arts). The three courses are subjects i am passionate about. But unfortunately I must choose one. So I went for Theatre.
Bononline: What’s your most embarrassing moment on set?
Peboh Ice: Omg lol, sometime last year, i was on set with a guy, while the camera was rolling, the guy wanted to kiss me, when script didn’t say so, at first I stylishly pulled away and he said, in front of everyone while the camera was still rolling o, lol * excuse me director* tell her let’s make this thing real! She has to allow me kiss her! And I was WHAT? My friend stay clear lol
Bononline: What is your opinion in regards to sexual harassment in the movie industry?
Peboh Ice: First of all, I don’t believe in sexual harassment. There is nothing harassing when a lady is properly dressed. You can’t expose half of your boobs outside and your panties is seen (some doesn’t even wear panties) and your tan top not long enough to cover those big Ass of yours yet you put it on and hit the road! Let’s be honest here, what’s in your mind when you left the house? When you decide to make your privacy and open discussion; with a clear signal, written * boldly Come Touch me For Free* when a guy does that, you cry *Sexual Harassment* Oh please tell me something else! More especially in this industry where some ladies want to make it by any means necessary. What if the table turns? You will be surprised to know how many ladies actually want to be harassed in exchange for fame.
Bononline: What’s the way forward?
Peboh Ice: Dress the way you want to be addressed. Respect your body, is worth it.
Bononlin:. If you were to date anyone in the movie industry who would you choose?
Peboh Ice: Honestly, dating anyone hasn`t crossed my mind. I regard the movie industry as business and a serious place for work.
Bononline: Who is your role model in the movie industry?
Peboh Ice: Uncle Olu Jacobs
Bononline: Who can you say is the best Director you’ve worked with so far or would love to work with in future?
Peboh Ice: I will like to work with Director Desmond Eliot.
Bononline: Are you working on any project?
Peboh Ice: Yes, just finished my first movie.
Bononline: What should the fans be expecting from you?
Peboh Ice: Nothing but the Best.
Bononline: What can’t you be caught doing?
Peboh Ice: Smoking
Bononline: Is there a limit to your acting?
Peboh Ice: Yes, I can’t pose nude in a movie
Bononline: Words to fans
Peboh Ice: Be real, don’t be afraid of No, and don’t be afraid of doors being slimed at your face! Don’t be afraid of fallen; when you do? Get up! And start again. Only a wise man dares to try something new, when it fails? Try again.
Bononline: Advice to the Screenwriter, Producer, and the Federal Government in regards to piracy in the movie industry
Peboh Ice: A screenwriter should be a professional who knows the conventions appropriate to such work. These days everybody want to be a screenwriter as such no good story is written anymore. The business of screen writing is all about the three P’s (perseverance, patience and practice), so if u know u don’t have these qualities don’t venture into it. In the end, it only leads to supplying low content movies for pirates to explore. The producers should insist on quality. Shunning mediocrity in any production. Much has been said about the issues of piracy, one day the Government will find a lasting solution for this chronic disease in the industry. For now I rest my case.
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