Chidi Mokeme Eyes Wine Business…….refers to nickname “GQ” as benchmark for male fashion

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Nollywood actor and Gulder Ultimate Search anchor, Chidi Mokeme is well known to be a very stylish man.

The actor who goes by the nickname “GQ” was asked recently how he came about the name. Mokeme had a lot to say…..

According to the actor, “GQ” was a nickname given to him for his signature style, his dress sense and the fact that his fashion style always stands out in a crowd. Mokeme added that he has a clothing lime called ‘GQ Wearhouse’ located in Lekki, Lagos.

He said GQ currently sells clothing collections from all over the world and he is working on setting up another label, the ‘Chidi Mokeme Label’ which will be ready soon.

Asides his incredible looks and fashion style, the actor is a smart entrepreneur.

The actor also said he’s working towards starting his own wine brand, ‘Baron by Chidi Mokeme’, a production outfit, ‘Renegade Productions, which will aid in providing entertainment contents, and his own foundation which is called the ‘Chidi Mokeme Foundation’ which features a lot of mentorship and life coaching.

Mr Mokeme is proving himself to be a businessman through and through.

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