“Instead of Blasting Nollywood Why Not Come And Improve Nollywood” Director Mac Collins Chidebe a.k.a Mr. China Tells Genevieve Nnaji

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Genevive Nnaji on her recent interview said something that obviously did not go down well with so many Nollywood people. Her words “ I don’t think I can return to the blandness and mediocrity that characterized Nollywood”

Director Mac Collins thinks what she said was rather uncalled for, in response to that he said: “She should have come back with all the skills and things she learnt abroad to help develop Nollywood instead of insulting the industry that make her who she is today.” Hear him:

“Genevieve has just insulted the industry that made her who she is today and what effort has she made to help improve Nollywood. Those days in Enugu when Genevive was growing in Nollywood, our movies were no rubbish; she has grown now, made money, fame, popularity e.t.c, how much has she invested in this Industry that made her. All those while she was busy waiting for Titanic scripts, Nollywood was trying their best to keep the flag flying waiting for her to come back and take the industry to the next level. Artistes should stop biting the fingers that fed them. We are watching and waiting for them to bring down heaven. We made them Stars; we are waiting for them come back and take the industry to the next level. Instead of Blasting Nollywood come and improve Nollywood.”

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