Happy birthday Uche Benjamin the biochemistry rocking Nollywood

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She is one of the most talked about new faces in Nollywood – sultry, sexy, exotic and breathtakingly beautiful. Her exquisite pair of legs remains one of her defining features and comparisons of her legs are often made in the same manner American entertainment writers used to write about Jenifer Lopez’s derriere. She is not just a pretty actress with no brains- she is a graduate of a discipline that is traditionally tied to men – Biochemistry and she almost graduated with a first class degree. Her diction and vocal cadence speak to a well-bred and cultured lady with strong pedigree who is determined to make a mark in the world she has come to adopt and cherish – acting.

Uche Benjamin

Uche Benjamin
“People are always shocked when I tell them I am a biochemist by training – a very good one at that if you pardon my immodesty here. I have always wanted to have a place in the acting world and modeling and genuinely believed that I have some value that I could bring to the industry. Even though my parents initially had reservations about my choice, they eventually relented when they realized that I was serious about my desire and what also helped soften their initial opposition, was the fact that I graduated from the university – University of Port-Harcourt with high grades.”

After doing some modeling and appearing as the love interest in the video of Nigeria’s velvet-voiced singer – Sam Okposo’s popular song – “Wedding Day” she was able to transition into acting, following a chance encounter with ace actor – Segun Arinze who encouraged her to go into acting, which she did and was soon cast in a number of movies produced by Nollywood’s ace producer – Chico Ejiro.

Uche has subsequently acted in so many movies and her looks and beauty which many often compare to the one-time Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, the widow of the late Biafra Leader – General Emeka
Odumegwu – Ojukwu and the Current Nigerian Ambassador to Spain – Bianca Onoh-Ojukwu is one of her strong assets. “I have been told by many people that I look like Bianca – well that’s a good compliment – I think she is one of the most beautiful and dignified women in Nigeria who is not just beautiful, but very intellectual and smart as well.”

Talking about being beautiful, Uche said it has been a blessing and in most instances a distraction. “It is good to know that God was kind in endowing one with the gift of
Ambassador Bianca Onoh

Ambassador Bianca Onoh
beauty, and for that I am grateful and thankful to Him. It has been a blessing in the sense that it helps in the total package one parades. It is good when people realize that you are not just beautiful, but you have some intellectual value to add to your overall persona. For the kind of industry we are in, which is big on the optics of beauty, it has been helpful. But it can also be a distraction. Men usually see us who are – well…beautiful as objects of eternal fascination – one that must be conquered. It is the cross I bear for being the way I am. Because of my upbringing, I try to be as nice as possible in telling my male admirers that I cannot date every man who shows an interest in me but some can be very unrelenting and pushy. As you can see, I am an intensely private person- in spite of the fact that I am in an industry that puts me out
there in the public square. I keep my private life very private because that has no bearing to my acting. I have been stalked, hounded and believe me, it can be very, very annoying, but it comes with the territory and I have learned to handle this interests from men without being rude and obnoxious.”

‘Ghost of the Past’, The soon to-be-released movie directed by Uche Benjamin

‘Ghost of the Past’, The soon to-be-released movie directed by Uche Benjamin
Asked if she has a boyfriend, she smiled and stated matter-of-factly “what do you think?” Of course, I have a boyfriend and I love him dearly. Like most women, I desire to someday settle down and be a good wife, a wonderful mother and a support channel to my husband.”

Last year, Uche already with dozens of film credits to her name such as “Tattoo Girls, Pain from the Heart, Sweet 16, Margaret Thatcher, Power in my Hands, and was for years a leading actress in Nigeria’s most popular soap opera – ‘Cross Roads’, decided to make an entrance into production. The movie- “Ghost of the Past” which she coproduced with her sister – Ukachi Ikejiaku has been critically acclaimed and features such A-List stars as Uche Jombo, John Dumelo, herself and Livinus Nnochiri – a veteran Nollywood actor. “I have always wanted to delve into the world of production and when the opportunity came, I gave it my all and I am very happy that critics have given the movie raving reviews. It will be outsoon in Nigeria and we are currently in talkswith Executive Image movies in New York to handle the distribution in North America. It is a great movie that I believe fans will see time and time again because of the storyline, which is one that everyone can relate to, and the superlative performance of Uche Jombo, John Dumelo and Nnochiri and of course my humble self.”

Uche – from Owerri, in Imo State – already a major Nollywood figure looks poised to achieve greater heights in the New Year.uche

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