Doris simeon is a year older today says A new me is born today

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“A brand new me has been born as I celebrate my birthday on Tuesday, July 22, 2014 and like it is written in the holy book, old things have passed away as new things are just by the corner,” were the words of pretty actress and mother of one, Doris Simeon.
The Nollywood actress and producer, who recently returned to set after few months of break, made this announcement as she celebrated her birthday with close knit friends and colleagues.
Speaking on her life so far, the actress said, “It’s been a long journey yet I’m thankful and grateful to God for keeping till now. It’s a wonderful feeling, adding a year in good health and a mind free and devoid of hate or pain, I can’t but thank God. Yes, we have some sad times, bad moments in life, which most times want to slow us down but like I always say, these moments and times help us and make us better people. I don’t regret anything because I’ve moved on to greater things and living brand new.”
On what should be expected of the actress, Doris simply said, “Don’t expect me to make a movie anytime soon but I would keep working on productions as a featured actress. Aside the TV programme, Faaji Xtra, which I anchor, fans and industry peeps should simply watch out for something unusual and unlike me on the screen. I’ve shot some exciting movies and TV soaps and I’m still on some sets, so you would be seeing so much from me.”
“Like I tweeted at exactly 12midnight on my birthday, I want everyone to join me as I specially say a prayer for the missing Chibok girls. It’s sad but we would continue to lend our voice and as I celebrate, I remember the girls again and indulge everyone to do same,” she rounded off.
Meanwhile, Doris released over 8 sultry pictures on her Instagram page as she turned a year older.
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