High Expectations as HOAYS Movie Hits Cinemas

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After the aborted April 25th cinema release of the highly anticipated movie,Half ofa Yellow Sun (HOAYS), high expectations await the movie as it hits cinemas on the 1st of August 2014.


Half of a Yellow Sun which was slated for cinema release earlier this year, could not be shown as the Nigerian Film and Video Censors Board did not rate the movie due to concerns that the movie could incite the public to religious violence in a move which was considered political, in order to thwart the efforts of the producers. However the board finally rated the movie 18 and has thus approved its new cinema release date.


As Half of a yellow Sun goes to the cinemas and would be shown in cinemas across the country from the 1st of August, high expectations awaits its performance at the cinemas, due to the fact that the movie which had been released in cinemas in the UK, USA, New Zealand and Australia has grossed about Two Hundred and Eighty million naira (N280, 000,000) from cinema releases, Inflight viewing right sales and Online viewing rights.


According to an avid HOAYS fan “I am really waiting to see how the movie would fare at the cinemas. Considering the fact that it was not released when it was supposed to and all the controversies that surrounded it.It is one movie that we really want to see, but the only question now is if it would fare very well in the Nigerian market.”


According to the distributors of the movie, “we have high expectations for Half ofa Yellow Sun as it goes to the cinemas on the 1st of August.  It is the biggest project from the Nigerian movie industry and with all the love and support that we got from Nigerians, we are sure that they would also show that same love and support as we go to the cinemas with this movie.”


Half of A Yellow Sun is a movie set in the time of the Biafrawar; it’s a love story that depicts the effects of war on all aspects of life. The movie features BAFTA award winner and Oscar nominee, Chiwetel Ejiofor, BAFTA award winner Thandie Newton, and other award winning actors and actresses including the Julia Roberts of Africa, Genevieve Nnaji.

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