New Movie ‘AKAN’ Set to Premiere

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A new movie set to hit the cinemas titled ‘Akan’. The movie stars Alexx Ekubo, Ime Bishop Umoh, Venita Akpofure, Emma Etukudo, Grace Johnson and Archie Sam. The movie is a family drama ( in Ibibio and English language) about a young man Akan (Alexx Ekubo) who comes back home from abroad with his fiancée Sophie (played by Venita Akpofure) to settle but he faces resistance from his family who want him to be with someone from their home town.
The film was directed by Desmond Elliot & produced by Archie Sam. It is set to hit cinemas in Uyo on 8th of August 2014.The film’s producer is Archie Sam who is also a fast rising actor that had his first taste of acting in 2005 in the movie “Mfana ibaga”. He later went on to act in other star studded movies like “Guilty Pleasures”,’Gold Digging, ‘Udeme Mmi’, “Okon Goes To School , ‘Lovelorn’ etc. ‘Akan’ is the first film he has produced and in there he acts the role of Ralph who is caught between trying to balance his relationship with his girlfriend and that of his sister. See the trailer below , Poster_new1venita & alexvenita alex

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