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Ex Dear Rukky Sanda,


This is a letter from a concerned “fan” of yours who is seriously hoping you read this with a clear eyes and an opened mind to corrections.


I must express my disappointment at the way you recently handle simple make up criticisms on your Instagram page, need I remind you that a fan just like a friend tells you what you want to hear, but the best of fans tells you the truth, and the truth they say is a bitter pill to swallow.
More so, the reason you are tagged a celebrity today is because of a set of the “good” “bad” and the “ugly” who celebrates and sometimes idolizes you, as such you should learn to treat each set of them in a matured and deserved manner.


I still can’t figure out what the BIG deal is in your fans airing their opinions on your artificial eyebrows. Does your celebrity status in any way place you way beyond corrections and criticisms? O well my ex dear, with fame comes its price to pay. In the truthful words of 2baba and MI, if nobody talks about you then you are nobody be it true of false.


Come to think of it, the blatant truth remains that those eyebrows were horrible and you should have simply accepted the fact or if your pride is too BIG to swallow, which is sometimes natural, accept the fact and pretend to have ignored the criticisms.


Still wondering how you should have handled the eyebrow case? Read up how world class Christina Millan recently handled in a more matured way a serious case of being tagged a gold digger on her instagram page.


I want you to chew on these words of yours again:


“….let the blind be blind….and those who have “eyes” let them see….but stupid & plain ignorance isn’t welcome on my page….i ain’t got time for ds shittttt”.IMG_20140803_060542_edit


Don’t you think those words are too harsh and inappropriate? I implore you to take simple corrections miss celebrity, swallow your pride and apologize to your fans on Instagram. Remember, you pay them no single penny for being your fans, but they pay a whole lot as their celebrity.


Yours Truthfully,


Paul Olarewaju.

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