Omoni Oboli replies critics ‘My Husband and i bought the dress i wore to the presidency”

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Omoni OBOLI HAS Responded to all the bashing about the dress she worn for the presidency screening of her movie

Lets picture that I am not cool with that, we know Omoni has not been known to be scantily dressed, so why the choice of the dress and what was Mr Oboli’s take on it?

I wasn’t scantily dressed. It is a beautiful long dress, it is open in front but it does not actually show any boobs. Mr Oboli and I bought the dress together, I tried it in the store, he saw it and said it is beautiful and that’s the reason why I bought it and that’s why I wore it.

Do you think this might discourage any further screening in the Presidency?

Of course not, the president is not fickle minded. Everyone saw me that day and nobody thought there was anything wrong with the dress. The Minister of Petroleum was there, she gave me huge hugs, she was so happy with everything. Nobody said anything about the dress. If you look at the actual pictures, I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I don’t think he is fickle minded to say her dress was inappropriate so I don’t think we should do anymore screening. I think we only have higher to go.
Full interview about the movie and new life as a director in september Edition of the magazine.

1 Comment

  1. adesola Kosoko

    August 22, 2014 at 7:30 AM

    Nothing is wrong wt dat dress 2 me. She looks good in it moreso she’s a celebrity

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