Joke Silva, IK Osakioduwa, Ivie Okujaye & Femi Jacobs star in “Black Silhouette”

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Creative Minds Studios presents the release of the movie – Black Silhouette.

It is a gritty drama that exposes a young girl’s traumatic past that involves sexual abuse, prostitution, and an unsolved murder.

The movie stars Femi Jacobs, Joke Silva, Ivie Okujaye, IK Osakioduwa, Jude Orhorha and Grace Ofre. It is directed by Charles Uwagbai and produced by “Okoro the Prince“.


Senator Maro Oti (Joke Silva) is about to make history as the first female Governor in Nigeria. Despite her husband’s disapproval she fixes an appointment with internationally acclaimed Biographer Eric Mobumba (IK Osakioduwa) and requests that he writes her memoir.

Eric Mobumba is elated at the opportunity but his excitement however starts to dwindle as Senator Maro’s tale of her past reveals a life of sexual abuse from childhood, prostitution as a teenager and an unresolved murder.

The movie will be screened nationwide in November.

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