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Some actresses have no regard for the marital institution. And this chubby actress is the guiltiest of all. While her adulterous ways are no news to Nollywood insiders, the fact that marriage has not tempered her love for sex has left many bewildered. The tale of how she got her ambassadorship has been told over and again that it is now stale story. She reportedly hooked up with the handsome executive director of the company and before you could count 1, 2, 3, both were knocking knees. Her names are short, with one written like a state in Nigeria.

She is an actress whose name starts with the second alphabet and ends with the 15th. A graduate of the University of Lagos, this beautiful woman is married to an American returnee businessman who tried his hands in movie making and in the process, snatched her from her marketer-lover then. They have now been married for over five years yet, despite her marital status, she is said to be the bed mate of one of Yoruba movie industry’s finest actors whose name starts with the penultimate alphabet and ends with the 20th. Apart from the mutual attraction for each other, the lovebirds are reported to crave each other’s warmth and heat like a child craves for candy.

She is a beautiful actress from Delta State and mother of three. Hitherto married to a popular actor before they had a bitter separation bordering on infidelity on her part, this ageless beauty has been linked to many men in the past and her appetite for bucking and clawing is said to be insatiable. However, she is back to warming the bed of a popular Kwara State-born actor who among many others. In her 40s, our dear actress reportedly has a weakness for fine young men or rich old men.

He is a popular actor-son of a legendary actor. Learned and handsome, his marriage broke down irretrievably because he was sleeping with his very popular colleague. Our man’s bedmate, sorry, colleague is unarguably the biggest name in the Yoruba movie industry. They have since moved on to other partners. At present, he is reportedly sleeping with his slim PA who also runs his acting school. This PA also acts and produces movies. Apart from the PA, our man is also digging deep with this rich, young actress cum producer who runs a business involving children. You want a clue? He is a farting clown!

From Ghana, this actress made us all believe she was married. She wore her wedding band with pride. Yet, many argued that she was a wolf in sheep’s clothing; that she could sleep with anything in trousers provided money is involved. It wasn’t until around June that news made the rounds that she and her supposed husband had long been separated. That was when many were able to fathom why she is almost always in Lagos. Apart from her toy-boy, IK, this very beautiful actress who just produced her own movie, has a roll call of rich Nigerian politicians and businessmen.

He is one of the richest marketers at the moment. He even made an unsuccessful bid for the chairmanship of the marketers’ association. With a business name that sounds like a pain reliever, whenever the dictionary is revised, his picture would replace the definition for randy. This man is perpetually on heat. He has had romps with many actresses. But he has spent more time within the thighs of one actress, a mother of one, whose name is a shortened form of the Queen of England’s birth name, than he spends in his shop. His current bedmate’s name starts with M and she can’t act to save her own life but gets roles because of him. There are too many to mention.

Many people would be shocked to read this but it is nothing but the truth. This lawyer cum filmmaker cuts the picture of a very responsible married man and professional. He is never even involved in any scandal because of his easy-going nature and devotion to his Islamic region. But all that may be a façade after all. We learnt that this man who produced a very popular soap which aired on AIT back in the late 90s through the early 2000s is the sugar in the tea of a young actress known as Titi. Both of them have been at it for some time and not even the protestations of the real Mrs. B have been able to dissuade them.

He is one of the most respected filmmakers based in a city regarded as the largest in West Africa. His major strength is script writing but he has achieved acclaim as an actor, producer and director. He has also achieved national and international acclaim for his ways with women. A University of Ibadan graduate, this good-looking dude has bedded too many actresses but a few would suffice. There is lady M who is now married to the son of a former governor; an actress whose marital name was B but has now reverted to her maiden W and beautiful, married actress, B. His current flame, whose surname starts with O and ends with the fifth alphabet is a very fair-skinned award winning actress based in the same city as this hunk.

He looks rough but always attracts the most beautiful actresses. This is the story of a Yoruba film maker who put a budding actress with a queenly name in the family way and together, they have a daughter who the actress claims he does not contribute to her upkeep. He also was a major bedmate of a top actress who was sick for over a year and who is now the love interest of a top fuji musician. At present, his bedmate is a widow and mother of two who loves to be called Arewa.

This is the mother of them all! Unlike her colleagues who love the D, this soft-spoken, dark-skinned producer loves young girls and she does not pretend about her sexual preference. One of the biggest names in Nollywood, this woman doesn’t run after young girls, they bring their honey pot to her Free of Charge because they know she can turn them into instant celebrities. A young lady by the name Annabel who featured alongside Bishop Imeh in one of his recent movies is one of madam’s best companions.

He is a big marketer, very loud but highly educated too. This high chief can’t take his eyes off women despite having three wives already, two in Nigeria and one in the US. In the immediate past, he shared his secret bed with a young actress, Lolade and bankrolled a movie for her. At the moment, an actress who loves to call herself Omotodun is helping to keep him warm. Her mother was a big actress before she died. She shocked many when she married her mom’s PA who has grown to be a film maker. Their marriage seems to be a bed of roses until last year when she was caught pants down with her husband’s PA who has since been banished from their home. Rumors also have it that a dashing young actor also tasted the forbidden fruit.

An award winning actor who has now upped his game by becoming a sough-after director, this handsome hunk became a Nollywood star while still a virgin. He is now married and his two attempts at fatherhood remind one of the telecoms promo of old, Buy One Get One Free. So voracious has his appetite for women become that no unknown actress in his movies fail to give it to him anyhow he wants it!

He is a legend when it comes to marketing quality movies, but as he has shown, he is even a bigger legend when it comes to women affairs. This Kwara born marketer with a corporate outlook has in the last few years dated Bimbo, now married with two kids; Ope who is now based in the UK, and a Delta-born actress and mother whose sexcapades would make an accustomed nymph look like a learner. Those are just the prominent ones. There have been numerous others. There is also a certain older actress whose movie as a prostitute in the Holy Land made her a star. We gathered that the reason they love to flock around this easy-going marketer is that he takes good care of them.

This beautiful actress is certainly one for the future. Talented and hugely sought after, producers reportedly go all out to feature her because of her two-in-one package; life-changing sex and commendable role interpretation. Rumors keep swirling about the bed antics of this babe whose role as sugar pushed her up in the industry. She has been linked with an Ibadan based filmmaker, the chairman of the most prominent caucus in the Yoruba movie industry, a marketer whose adopted business name starts with A and ends with O and another actor cum filmmaker whose name is a combination of two legends; a Grammy nominated Juju maestro and a famous boxing champion who stings like a bee in the ring.

This beautiful mother of two is still hot. She was a teacher before she got into Nollywood but now, she is quite big in the game. She has been dating her current flame, a cameraman turned actor for a while but those who know say when he is not looking, our dear actress spends more time on her back than on her feet. A hip-hop loving Fuji musician and the husband of a merciful actress who has a hotel in the metropolis are two of her numerous bedmates. Yet, she is in love with her fine boy beau.

He is one of the new hot actors also trying his hands in producing and directing. Recently married, this attractive young man has slept with many young and old actresses who can’t seem to resist his handsomeness. But he had his fingers burnt when he was caught pants down with a married actress whose late actress-mother had a thing to do with Sir Shina Peters. The producer-hubby of the actress is reportedly bidding his time for a payback. Yet, this young man who doesn’t seem to have learnt his lessons continues to sow his wild oats. Though married, a young actress cum producer called Feyi enjoys his Johny more than his wife. His name starts with the fourth letter while his surname starts with O.

Her name reminds us of Limpopo; not the song but the singer. One of Nollywood’s hottest young talents, this damsel relocated from the UK two years ago after resigning from her banking job to give vent to her passion, acting. Hardly had she returned home than she took over the body and soul of a gangling and handsome actor who won a defunct movie reality television show. Despite moving on to other partners, the adorable couple still finds time to rock each other’s beds.

He is also a UK returnee who lives in his brother’s place in VGC, he has done some good movies including playing a pilot in a big movie about air crash and also a sex pervert in a hit television series. With T starting his name and O ending his surname, this actor and beautiful actress, Funmi were an item for months, hugging red carpets and movie premieres and putting in words for each other among producers until they went their separate ways.


  1. Sewa

    September 1, 2014 at 5:07 PM

    Ao come Bimbo Thomas d dirty girls isn’t on dis list. The home wrecking bitch fucks anything in trouser and has even been said to have been infected with d HIV virus

  2. seyi

    September 2, 2014 at 5:59 AM

    Haha how come all this dirty marketers in asaba are not there, people like best and solo

  3. funsho

    September 2, 2014 at 6:00 AM

    I no see randy yomi fash here ooo

  4. Blogger

    September 3, 2014 at 3:21 PM

    Haahaaa Seun oloke tuyi elete momorimomo, elenu razor have you forgotten so soon how SOJ omobanke beat you up in PASUMA’s house at omole, it seems you need another beating this time around.your info is not full .let me remind you of some actresses you forget to mention eg funke akindele who slept with so many people before she became a star.i know you wont mention mercy aigbe .you should have mention iy sexy make k roast you for’ve offended heaven and earth for mentioning my one and only faithia balogun. I swear down you must suffer for this

  5. Extremist

    September 3, 2014 at 3:46 PM

    Darling poster… You forgot to include a few other super “slut stars” in the game, you want your hands full? Ask for a few tips…
    Funke Akidele, Olaitan Sugar, etc…aren’t excluded from the list, or should I say you are hiding those in your closet because of the commission you get from being a pimp for the almighty married “Mercy Akhigbe” and so much more??? Come-on, find another means of income, because you might end up giving away your “MOM” for adultery and then someone else writing about her on your behalf…
    Btw, don’t forget to brush your stinking obvious tooth the next time you plan writing, because your FAT LIPS aren’t enough for a coverage!

    • jean

      September 9, 2014 at 4:17 PM

      Extremist better watch ur tongue ok,if u say u knw d super slut stars nd u r including Sugar nd Funke den u dnt knw notn,it’s better u cum to pple like us dt knws d inside out of d movie industry,cos dse two pple r nt at all,dou dey r nt Saint nd dey ve pple dey ve dated in d industry too,like d sugar girl has sum1 she’s dating nd funke too has like 3,Seun is jst a fool nd a stupid idiot cos if we r too say d truth all dse pple seun is yabbing r nt as flet as seun himself,even d worst pple in d movie industry,d real ashewo pple r nt included ere,am sure he has taken bribe from dose 1ce or from dir aristos that’s y he excluded dem,like sum1 said earlier

  6. jean

    September 9, 2014 at 4:04 PM

    Extremist better watch ur tongue ok,if u say u knw d super slut stars nd u r including Sugar nd Funke den u dnt knw notn,it’s better u cum to pple like us dt knws d inside out of d movie industry,cos dse two pple r nt at all,dou dey r nt Saint nd dey ve pple dey ve dated in d industry too,like d sugar girl has sum1 she’s dating nd funke too has like 3,Seun is jst a fool nd a stupid idiot cos if we r too say d truth all dse pple seun is yabbing r nt as flet as seun himself,even d worst pple in d movie industry,d real ashewo pple r nt included ere,am sure he has taken bribe from dose 1ce or from dir aristos that’s y he excluded dem,like sum1 said earlier

    • jean

      September 9, 2014 at 4:12 PM

      But i know God ll judge Seun

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