Damola Olatunji’s wife cries out Damola changed immediately he started sleeping with Bukky Awoyemi

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In the last few days the hottest gist in Nollywood circle is that Damola Olatunji and Bukky Awoyemi are dating and that the handsome filmmaker who is expecting a baby from her,BonOnline took it up itself to reach out to Damola,Bukky Awoyemi and Mrs olatunji while Mrs olatunji spoke amidst emotional sobs, Damola insisted that he had nothing to say, while Bukky neither picked her calls nor replied sms,here is our conversation with Mrs Raliat Abiodun-Olatunji;

I am sad, frustrated and I don’t know where to start from, what did I do to deserve this. I gave my all or is it a sin to love someone who claims to love you,Damola and I didn’t have any issue neither did we have any major quarrel just the normal ups and downs that married couples have but I started feeling uneasy few weeks to our Wedding Anniversary when he rarely pick my calls nor reply my sms promptly and will only call me back in the middle of the night.

Gist started filtering into my ears that Damola was seeing Bukky but I ignored but when my husband won’t change I asked him and he denied that the only thing between them is work until Damola’s brother girlfriend called me to tell me that Damola actually brought Bukky to Osogbo and they went to Damola’s uncle home where she made dinner for him before they retired into the room to make love and it started to make sense to me because like thrice in the middle of the night I had seen Bukky’s text messages to Damola saying I miss you,ilove you and can’t wait to see you but I allowed it to slide because guys in the industry are in the habit of calling themselves darlings and all.

But when I knew I was in serious trouble was when I came home for our Anniversary and Damola didn’t pick me at the Airport and on getting home noticed that Damola had packed all our wedding pictures and all my properties into the guest room, while waiting for him I took a look at his ipad and behold I read his messages with Bukky talking about the romantic getaways,the fact that he does not want me again and he professing love to Bukky.

I was home for 30days and Damola only slept home once,Later I heard he was with Bukky in Magodo,I went to see his parents but got a shocker as they told me pointblank that they would only want what their son wants and all my parents efforts to make peace his parents turned down,I have not spoken to Damola for over 70days as he neither picks my call nor reply my sms.
We will continue to dig into the story to give you the true situation especially Damola and Bukky’s side.

Bola Ifabanwo

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  1. adebayo t omolola

    February 8, 2015 at 6:21 PM

    Damola is mad oo, how could he do such, but u should av sticked to ur hubby too, u knw ur hubby is aa celebrity n definitely cnt be trusted not with all this professional prostitutes in the industry, aat least d bukky girl knew he his a married man! Wonders shall never end, am disappointed

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